Mccartney \2003's weigh in on Charlie and the chocolate factory  

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7/17/2005 12:57 am

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Mccartney \2003's weigh in on Charlie and the chocolate factory

To be nice this is a spoiler alert, though I don't give away the movie my comments come close. If you don't mind having the movie ruined, read on. Otherwise stop reading and compare your thoughts with mine after you see the film. If you read from this point on it's not my fault.

Ok I saw it a day after it opened. I walked up and bought the normal eight buck ticket, chose not to get the popcorn and the soda.
This movie had ne nervous on wondering if it would hold a candle to the old 1970 version with Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. With Tim Burton directing it I knew at least it had to be somewhat good. Burton never fails in making movies. He always makes a classic. I first heard about this movie project in 1999 when the first script was being passed around. Burton was said to of hated the Wilder version. He wanted to remake the movie in his vision more in step with the book. A noble cause I suppose.
As years passed and rumors were heard I was glad to at least hear back in 2003 that shooting had started for this movie. At last here in July of 2005 we have the finished product.
When the lights dimmed and the movie started it was a great opening. Showing the candy being made to a mid tempo, somewhat dark song.
The candy get's stamped and packed, floated on parachutes and you even get to see Mr Wonkas hands placing the Golden Tickets in the various bars and packed and shiped to various countrys.
The story follows somewhat close to the Wilder version with Charlie being a poor boy. This time around he has both parents and there are still the four grandparents. You follow the same story of the boy never finding a ticket on his birthday chocolate bar, nor in the one Grandpa Joe gives to him with his last cash.
Alas the boy finds a ten pound note in the gutter and buys a chocolate bar despite all newspapers saying the last ticket had been found.
As he's unwraping the bar it's announced the last ticket found was a fake and alas our Charlie has found the last golden ticket.
Charlie and Grandpa Joe arrive with all the regular bad kids and parents close to what the Wilder version made them out to be.
They are allowed past the gates and then after a strange show of melting dolls and fireworks enters Mr Wonka.
Mr Wonka is pretty much not anything like Wilders version. Where Wilder was more witty and smart, Depps version is seen to be strange, weird. Somewhat morbid and someone you would not want your children to be around.
In general like some on the street took too much drugs weirdo. But it's a refreshing change.
Depp does a honest job at it from his own point of view. To provide more insight to this Depp had never seen the Wilder movie. He had only read the book and he chose not to see Wilders version until after he did his work on Burtons project. So seeing Depp as Willy Wonka you see the actors own impression on what he believed Wonka to be like.
Anyhow in general I don't want to give away too much of the movie, but you get to see more of Wonkas universe that he has built. Wonkas many flashbacks to his past provide more insight into the reasons Wonka is the way he is.
The scenes with the children go by rather fast.
And the oompa loompas were a refreshing change to the older more lame versions in the Wilder version. The music is more in depth and they provide more to the scenes with them than the older version did. The storyline within the factory go's by at a rapid pace. Before you know it not long after the tour has started the other children take themselves out with their own weakness and problems and it's only Charlie.
Charlie has won! Not the major test like Wilders version gave Charlie in the old movie.
They board the wonkavator and go to Charlies house, on the way seeing the children who have lost and seeing the end result that happend to them.
They crash in and low and behold, Wonka tells everyone that Charlie has won, the entire family is elated as Charlie is going to get the chocolate factory. Then Wonka comes in with one condition, and you think it's a test like Wilder did. Charlie can only get the factory if he never see's his family again.
Charlie turns down Wonka and expecting the twist and Wonka to say YOU PASSED!
You sit in shock as Wonka turns his back on Charlie and leaves him behind as he takes off in his wonkavator.
The story progresses and time go's by. Wonka get's depressed and more of his past issues come up.
Anyhow. In the end Charlie get's the factory and both him and Wonka run it together.
How so you must watch the movie and see.
But otherwise I give the following ratings.

Very little musicals----A
Oompa Loompas-----------A++
Background story--------A
Willy Wonka-------------A+
The children------------A++
More like the book------A++++
Dark and moody----------A++++
Wilders version will always be the main one for me. And Wilder will always be Willy Wonka to me.
But Depp did a honest attempt at playing someone he only knew from a book. So Depp get's credit.
Burton wanted a dark and scary movie so he also get's credit there as well. HE could of been a little more morbid but all together he did a ok job.
I found myself missing the tunnel scene from Wilders version where he sang that creepy song and all those images of evil thhings were flashing across the tunnel while she started screaming and the boat was flying down the tunnel.
Theres no way of knowing

Which way the rivers flowing

Theres no earthly way of knowing

Which way the rivers going

Is it raining? Is it snowing?

Is a hurricane a-blowing?

Not a speck of light is showing,

So the danger must be growing.

Are the fires of Hell a-glowing?

Is the grisly reaper mowing?

Yes, the danger must be growing,

For the rowers keep on rowing,

And they're certainly not showing,

Any signs that they are slowing!

In the Burton version they just float out of control thru caverns and tunnels.

Oh well nothing is perfect I guess

Watch the movie I reccomend it.

Ana_6973 43F

7/17/2005 1:09 am

If only more people would get the point the Burton wasn't trying to remake the first movie. All my friends are boycotting it because no one but Gene Wilder can be Wonka. They don't understand that Burton was trying to stay true to the book.

I remember when the rumors of this movie started there was one that Marilyn Manson was going to play Wonka.

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/17/2005 1:20 am

I know. I remember hearing about Manson doing the part.
I agree with you on the fact of Burton doing this to be more like the book. All together it's a great film. And people are morons to boycott it. It's a wonderful film. It's just another vision of a film. And all together it's a good vision.

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/17/2005 1:34 am

On the plus side the ending is definitely better than the prior film, the grandparents are more amusing, Jack Albertson isn't in it, and the kid who plays Charlie is much more appealing even if he has virtually no lines in the second half of the film.

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/17/2005 1:39 am

For the Heavy Critics out there here is some word From Gene Wilder.

Gene Wilder Retracts Johnny Depp Criticism 7/5/05

Movie funnyman Gene Wilder has hailed Johnny Depp as a "magical" choice to play Willy Wonka in upcoming film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - weeks after attacking Depp's casting in the movie remake.

Wilder, who played Wonka in the original 1971 film, recently accused director Tim Burton of remaking the Roald Dahl fantasy for "pointless" financial gain. And despite complaining Depp would not be able to improve upon his portrayal of Wonka, Wilder has now declared Depp is the perfect choice for the film.

He says, "If I were going to cast the movie, I would cast Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka because I think he is wonderful. Mysterious - always - and magical."

mi_mwpm 51M

7/17/2005 5:38 am

While I think you may have been a little generous with all those pluses, I agree with the end result. Great movie. A solid 9 out of 10 for me.

rm_Elysia2005 43F
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7/18/2005 6:40 pm

I had a great time with it, despite being only semi-anxious to see it... and Danny Elfman always kicks ass with soundtracks, this one was even more spot-on perfect than most...

If you go into it with the view that Burton wasn't trying to remake so much as recreate, it's much more enjoyable. Glad Gene Wilder was converted; I like the guy and was afraid he'd lost all his humor when he lost Gilda.

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