It's all history baby.  

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8/3/2005 12:00 am

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It's all history baby.

I was suprised to learn some amazing fact's about my family history.
My sister and I have been doing some deep digging as far as the
family tree go's. On my fathers side of the family they had taken
pride in the family name and history and kept very good records.
On his Italian side of the family we discoverd that the records go
back to almost Roman times. Our family still owns land in various
areas of Northern Italy like Trieste, Venice, The Isle of Grado, and other small
locations. The Italian side was a strong and powerful family.
In the records it showed we were from the lines of Dogi's who ruled Venice.
We also had connections to the Austrian Haspburg dynasty, namely
ArchDuke Maximillion who would later having been friends with
French Emperor Napoleon III, Be made puppet Emperor of Mexico and be
shot by fireing squad. Thus making the holiday that every Mexican loves.
Cinco de mayo. Maximilian died by firing squad, June 19, 1867, at the Hill of the Bells
in the state of Queretero. Asked if he wished to say anything, he replied:
“Pardon everyone and pray that all pardon me. I hope that my blood flows
for the good of this earth. Viva Mexico!”
Ferdinand Maximilian and Archduchess Maria Charlotte, both of royal blood,
were appointed Emperor and Empress of Mexico by Napoleon III of France.
Ferdinand was the son of Carlos, the ruler of Austria, and related by blood
or marriage to every ruling family in Europe. Charlotte was daughter of King Leopold
of Belgium, cousin of Queen Victoria of England and grand-daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte III,
the Emperor of France.
On our Russian side we were as our last names means, Guards of the Czars.
Guess we did a great job of it back in 1917 and my grandfather's dad had to flee
Russia and escape thru Europe and at last to the United states.
On my mothers Side of the Family they had never seemed to care to do anything
as far as showing their root's. This is where the hard work begain for my Sister and
Myself. On my Mothers side of the family we discovered that they were of a sea
loving nature. Every generation was either a merchant or military. We sailed the seven seas
and brought home a wife of some nationality every generation.
It's amazing to see how far this line extends. We have the following to show as far as nationalitys.
English, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, French, Black Dutch (Morish and Arab)
Spanish, Greek, Turkish, and tons more. It's like they loved their women like people
love ice cream. 31 flavors and more. It's been next to impossible to trace any major
family connections far back in my Mothers bloodline. The only famous connections found so
far is in the Scottish line with Robert Louis Stevenson and the English side with the Miles who
were cotton farmers in the South and major supporters of the Confederacy. We were also
related to Zachary Taylor A short term US President who got sick and died five days after July 4th.
Also on my Mothers side were Apache and Cherokee Indian bloodlines.
They say that the past teaches a history to us all. That family history on it's own shows us
mistakes made before and to not do the same. My lesson learned?
Never be in a leadership or political position...ever.
With women? Enjoy the flavors like you love going to Baskin and Robbins.
And with the weather? Never stand in the heat too long on the 4th of July.

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8/3/2005 12:51 am

LOL.... Genealogy is fun, isn't it???? My Mom and I have been involved in doing research... we are relating to Daniel Boone and many others. One thing that was interesting to discover the history of our family with the Presbyterian Church....even though my Mom was raised Baptist and my Dad was raised Disciples of Christ. As a family, we had joined a Presbyterian Church, we thought to appease both sides of the coin, when in actuality we were seemingly pre-destined to be a member of the Presbyterian Church. Too funny about how history will follow your heritage!!!

Good luck in following up on more of your family research. It can be VERY interesting indeed!!!

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