I have to admit it's getting better...  

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8/7/2005 12:31 am

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I have to admit it's getting better...

Getting better all the time....

Paul Mccartney had it right when he wrote that song for The Beatles in 1967.

I had that song going thru my head all day.

I left a nasty marriage and ended up with child custody.

Life has been hard. It's been getting hard for a long time. For the longest time I was singing "yesterday" and that's it.
Last year I lost a uncle when he killed himself.
I got to see my ex destory her life even though I still loved her, And I was able to get over her at last. Bill's stacked. I had a heart attack at age 27. I started turning grey headed.
My son lost his hearing and almost died.
I watched my son suffer thru operations and pain and watched a normal kid not be able to walk normal anymore and not be able to hear in any natural form again. I fought tooth and nail to get him some operations and devices that enabled him to hear again with aid even though I had no insurance or money.
I saw him get a 300k operation and equipment because a very rich Texan who once ran for the oval office shook my hand at DFW airport and asked about my life. He helped.
If he ever ran again he would get my vote.
I lost family and friends in Iraq. I saw my parents divorce after 45 years of marriage.
Saw my dad loose everything he owned and worked for all his life. I saw my mom do the same because greed took ahold and the lawyers ended up with everything. Now they both work like high schoolers at small places of employments after being millionares.

Here I am in the Big 2005. I met and lost a love.
Found a wonderful woman here at AdultFriendFinder.
Amazing to find a person like I have been looking for my whole life at a adult personals.
She accepts my kiddos and me in all my sillyness and faults.
I just got the most amazing job I have ever had the lucky chance to find. With hope it's all going to get better.

Thank you God.

Yes I admit it's getting better..
It's getting better since you've been mine....
Getting so much better all the time.

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