Hot sun..burning down..burns my......  

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7/14/2005 2:30 pm

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Hot sun..burning down..burns my......

Today I had to drive into Dallas. It was wonderful as the A/C in the blazer thought life sucked and died. Though the wonderful GPS system in the blazer worked wonders.
Also working fine was the time and temp.
That's hot.
Too hot.

I had to dress up today as well. Suit, Tie the whole nine yards.

I was just about drenched in sweat in my blazer with the wonderful dark interior and leather seats.

Why in the hell does it have to be that hot?
But that's Texas though I guess.

Driving back rain coulds taunted me in the distance.

My passenger said "Oh it's going to rain!"

Having lived here my life I just laughed and said not us...

Sure enough by the time I was home the phone was ringing and my mom was caught in one hell of a thunderstorm about 80 miles from my house.
Roads flooded and rain so thinck you could not see three feet in front of your car.

Looking out the window here, 103F. Down just two degrees but clear skies and no chance of rain.

Ahhh Texas.

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