For curious minds. I keep being asked about my kitchen.  

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7/13/2005 5:12 pm

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For curious minds. I keep being asked about my kitchen.

lol. Ok after I chose this photo:

To be the main photo for my profile I have been asked about a zillion questions about the stuff in the background. I swear people must have boring lives. So here at last. Like some long lost episode of cribs mixed with pop up video. Is a showcase in detail...

Of my everyday kitchen.

Drool! You know you want to!

Ok the sink is a double stainless steel regular kitchen sink. Ok to spice things up I've had nookie before leaning up by it.

On the counter you may see examples of various asian culture. Having lived in Japan I picked up the pottery in Okinawa while working for JAL.

The candles you see are some of maybe 800 I have within my home.

The candle holders came from pier 1 as well as the bamboo mat. Done in modern/asian style.

The Bamboo in the foreground is my only bunch to survive. 3 years old now and going strong.
Picked up in a knick nack store.

In front of the sink is a African ZZ plant.
One of those plants perfect for the single person as in the fact that they hate water of the point of only being watered twice a year.

On my fridge is a wonderful collection of modern art by my children held in place by various magnets. Some like the alphabet.
The Jeff Gordon mags on the fridge are a left over by a evil EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLL ex wife who shall remain somewhere in the darkside within this world.

On top of the fridge is my idea of chaos that works, light bulbs, bug spray for the giant Texas bugs that love country front porch's.
The classic Texas staple of ice tea bag's and all the crap I had no where else to stick.

To the left of the microwave is a bottle of prised Turkish olive oil and some various rare oils and spices. I love to cook and took classes for it in Italy. I cook like the devil and have people hooked after the first bite.

To the far left is my massive mound of bread that I have to keep. Between my kids and myself we go thru a loaf a day. AND TO HE*L WITH THE LOW CARB FOLKS!

(I still look 18 at age 27, I am solid as a rock body wise, eat and do whatever I want )

The person on the floor is my best friend Donnie....Tying his shoes.

The shirt I am wearing in this photo is a silk one. Along with Calvin Klein black slacks.
Just came in from a going away party of about 98 folks buying me beers and crap.

Oh it was also around 3 am after this pic was taken.

The haircut was done by a old Mexican barber that I have gone to for around 7 years. He is in his 80's and one of the last out there that good. The haircut was done by razor. Sissors have not touched my hair in around 9 years.

I don't use hairspray as God gave me wonderful hair that women love to touch and I keep it in a buisness cut most of the time. Though at times I look like a Beatle when I let it grow.

I hoped you enjoyed this tour of the not so rich and famous. Next week my bathroom....

Maybe not.

Now quit asking me whats in the photo!

Now with some hope some somewhat local woman will say.... hmmmmmmmmmm... sexy man and he cooks like the devil?
I must write him!


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