just a few questions for chicks who like bi men  

Matesharer 62M/60F
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8/30/2006 5:27 pm

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9/4/2006 12:04 am

just a few questions for chicks who like bi men

I'm wondering if this is even a learned behavior. Since I first became sexually aware, I've had a thing for MMF kink. Unless you've lived through that you can't imagine how hard that can be. You don't dare tell friends, male of female. Until I got online, I was sure I was a total abberation, that I was the only one of my kind. It's a lonely business, I can tell you.

Thank God for my sisters on the net. I'm not alone.

My question is this, and it applies to men and women.

Do you toy with thoughts of bisexuality? When did you first begin to do so? Were you able to find others like yourself? And did you live in fear of people finding out?

Started on my porn fic, it's coming along nicely, so stay tuned!

itsallfun1957 59M

8/30/2006 6:02 pm

I truly wish that more couples and women would be as honest and open about this as you are. For a sexually liberated group of people on this site, bisexual guys are usually shunned from any true relationship. Maybe I'm unique, but I do not believe so. I appreciate your candor and honesty. I think that a couple who embrace their sexuality is special. My hat is off to the both of you.>>>iaf1957

Matesharer 62M/60F
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8/31/2006 12:48 am

Thanks, sugar. I'm so happy you were honest and forthright enough to respond, and yes, one would think that folks here would be more tolerant. You realy are a dear for doing that. Count me as a friend. I don't judge others, straight, bi, whatever, so I hope they will think twice before judging me.I really do wish that those too anxious to reply in this blog would IM me with their experiences. Surely I cannot be the only female here who had had the desire to have a true bi three way from an early age. I didn't just decide this was what I liked, I think it was there from the beginning.

rm_qazwsx1266 49M

8/31/2006 8:53 am

Hi Matesharer, my name is Roger. I am 40, married and secretly bi. I wish I was able to have an open bisexual realtionship with my wife involved but she is not as liberated as I am.

p.s. I am interested in joining the two of you in a MFM 3some.

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