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6/27/2006 2:33 pm

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first impressions

So, yeah. I thought I'd start a blog here.

I'm the female half of the couple. I am eccentric, verbose, mostly gentle, sometimes snarky, very approachable and open minded.

So what's with the Walter Winchell quote?

Well, as I wrote in an article, I love slash. That involves fame. So yeah, I throw bricks and run with scissors. I got some good feedback from my little article, so I thought I'd start a blog in case anyone would like to get to know us a little better.

Many of you wanted URLs to the fics. Unfortunately this would break TOS here at AdultFriendFinder, and I don't like to break TOS anywhere. That would be like spraying your name on the walls in someone's house where you've been invited for a visit, so no, there will be no URLs. Sorry. You can learn more about it from books. The one that comes to mind first is called Textual Poaching. I prefer to think of it textual extending. Yes, I am easily amused.

Oh, look. There's something shiny...

I have a good sense of humor and hope any who reads this does, too. Want to make my day and impress me? Make me laugh.

So far we have gotten some very nice messages from a lot of people, and we thank each and every one of you. Having said that, let's be friends.

Next on my to do list?

Running with sporks comes to mind.

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