Thai - Finishing Up  

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Thai - Finishing Up

Alright. I was laid back in the driver's seat and my gf was in the passenger seat eating McDonalds as our short friend was navigating her body into the front seat and my lap.

She was wearing some tight jeans and one of those blouses that is longer at the bottom on one side than the other. I don't know what they are called but they seem to be one of the fashionable garments to wear these days. I was actually wearing a button up shirt which is out of character for me but it was a Patagonia shirt so that did lend to my hippy side. Well that is if trendy yuppy outdoor clothing lines can be considered hippy.

Our friend climbed into my lap and took a deep breath before kissing me. She tasted like cigarettes but it was nice in a "I am making out with another woman in front of my girlfriend" kind of way. It was more than a peck and I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer. I am aggressive and dominant by nature but she knew this well before I guided her lips with a fist full of frosty brown hair. Whimpering quietly, her tongue flared into my mouth as her hands ran all over my strong arms. She was squirming in my lap, there was no way I could prevent myself from getting hard and I am quite sure she recognized this fact.

She pulled away and was gasping slightly but she didn't get off my lap. I had already ventured into new territory and thought my exploration was over for the night but.... The sister looked over at my gf who was still eating her fries and I saw a wink.

She attacked me this time and it was far more than a kiss. Her hands were all over me and so were mine. I slid one hand down her pants in the back and squeezed her ass hard. My other grasped her smallish tits through her shirt as she bucked against me.

The point of no return was reached when she sat up and pulled her shirt up along with her bra to reveal her tits. I yanked her hair again, pulling her to one side and captured a pencil eraser puffy nipple between my lips. She growled like a bad porn star and said something which was entirely lost on me.

She was mighty aggressive and the wink was all the approval that she needed. Her small hands fumbled with my belt as I continued to latch onto her breasts, I had worked her jeans halfway down her ass without even unbuttoning them. I was worried that I was going to get hurt in her drunken bliss as zippers can be the worst enemy of a hard cock. Another stroke of luck produced my cock from my jeans and biker shorts unscathed and entirely intact. She started to stroke me off and slur encouragement, her forehead hit the drive side window a few times as she tried to jerk me off and still let me suck on her tits at the same time.

I am quite sure this would have looked funny to someone who took a second to watch what was going on but I was enjoying every damn second of it.

With a suddden and uncoordinated move she let her body fall down against mine, her hands abandonned my cock and worked feverishly on the waist of her still buttoned jeans. The truck rocked as she squirmed and kicked with her jeans. The fact that it would have been 100 times easier to stop, unbutton her jeans and push them off was totally outside the realm of her drunken head.

Later than sooner, she lay in my lap with no pants and a blouse push up around her armpits. She was possessed or at least that is what I would call it. I looked over at my gf as I felt my cock being steered between her thighs. My gf had given up on her fries and had her skirt up around her waist. Her panties were pulled to the side and she was rotating her fingers around her clit in a delicious circle. Her head was tilted back and her free hand was pinching her own breasts through her near gossamer shirt. I used to read alot of sappy romance novels as a teenager to find the sex scenes so I know what gossamer means.

I watched my gf intently as I felt my cock slide up into our friend. She wasn't terribly tight as she was the mother of two but strange pussy is strange pussy. An orgasm ran over my gf but she didn't quite massaging her pussy as I penetrated her friend's.

I looked back at the small woman bouncing up and down on my cock and started to move my hips up to her. This thrust me deeper into her and she pushed down on my stomach to slow my penetration. The depth I was reaching was new territory for her and I should have shown patience but I fucked her harder and harder. She was growling, grunting, and whimpering like a beaten puppy all at the same time. My gf was making her own noises and I knew I was in heaven.

Considering the confined space she was doing an incredible job riding me, the head of my cock was grinding against the back of her pussy and I could feel myself building. She was yelling at me now, angry that I was bringing her to orgasm. "God damn you!" "I am going to cum!" "I don't want to cum!" Maybe I don't understand the purpose of sex but I am under the impression that is the desired outcome.

She was sitting straight up with one hand on the "Oh shit" handle and the other comically trying to stroke my gf's knee but it was clear she was cumming and cumming hard. Her pussy was clenching around my cock and her near perfect cowgirl technique had regressed to an awkward thrusting rubbing. Unfortunately fell back instead of forward into my chest and she honked the horn which brought the faerie tale to a sharp and instant end.

As if caught by her mother or the cops, our friend lept to the back seat leaving my throbbing cock uncorked and aimed at the ceiling. My gf had nearly passed out next to me, her panties dangling around one ankle and her shirt somehow tucked into her bra.

Our friend took a long break before putting on her pants and stepping out of the truck to smoke several well earned cigarettes.

My gf is the greatest to let this all transpire and greater yet because she leaned over let me skull fuck her with caveman like enthusiams while the sister puffed sitting on the back bumper.

I should have sent this one to penthouse letters or something. The friend hasn't spoken to us yet.

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