Home Sweet Home  

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1/4/2006 6:42 pm

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Home Sweet Home

We are home from our visit to the nations capital. We are burnt out on flying and walking around like bug eyed tourists. And from what I hear my love is burnt out on football.

What was I to do. The Rose Bowl is tonight. I have money running on this game in an office pool. I had to motivate my bare foot partner to sit in front of the boob tube and watch yet another game.

I started massaging her scalp from the couch but this quickly degradated into nipple torture. Locking her down with my legs I methodically pulled, twisted, and pinched until my love was the proud new owner of two violently red nipples.

While hypnotized into this dance of pleasure and pain, I made my move. Around her in a flash, my jeans dropping like drapes to my ankles. She was dazed but I grabbed the back of her head by her auburn locks and slid my cock into her mouth. Upward she gazed with those deep blue eyes like an angel, like an Angel with my cock slid a quarter of the way down her throat. I pried down on her chin and pushed back against her foreheard until nearly half of my violating cock slipped into her mouth.

Tearing her clothing off, I slammed her on all fours against the couch. This time I had to manhandle my cock with one hand while pressing her face against the cushion with the other. Her tight pussy resisted beautifully but after a few squeaky moments inward I slammed. I fucked her hard this way. Stopped. Readjusted her legs and fucked her hard again.

She was screaming at this point and you could hardly hear the neighbours walking around on the balcony only a few feet away. I didn't care. She loved it.

I crouched, still inside her and rammed forward and back until my thighs screamed bloody cramp but I fucked on until the welcome reward of her orgasm splashed against my thigh.

She is snoring on the bed beside me now. I think I will quietly climb on, slip inside her creamy thighs, and kiss her full on the lips.

Home Sweet Home.

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