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4/30/2006 7:13 pm

After letting Jim know the supplies were low in the pantry, Sissy changed really quick to head to the store with him. She had hoped for some time alone but unfortunately the trucks were stick shift and she didn't know how to drive them. So she changed into a short skirt and white tshirt, that seemed to be the summer uniform around here with all the heat. She was heading out to the truck when she saw a new face waiting there holding the door open. There were still a few of the men she had not met and this apparently was one of them. He said his name was David and she slid past him with a quick hello as she made herself comfortable in the middle of the bucket seat. Jim was driving so it was a tight squeeze in the cab of the truck but she didn't mind, she was getting out of the house. As they started down the road it became awkward for Jim to shift the gears so she had to spread her legs apart to make room for the gear shift. With a little adjustment, Sissy soon found out how snug the fit in the cab really was. The stick was right up against her clit and the faster Jim drove the more the knob on the gear shift vibrated. It was pure torture for Sissy, she couldn't let out a sound or the men would know what was happening and she just wasn't ready for them to know. Sissy tilted her head back and pushed her hips harder into the shifter, catching herself as she let out a low moan. Sissy had no idea how great this trip to the grocery store was going to be but she was soon finding out it was better than she could have ever imagined. David must have noticed Sissy being so quiet because he had glanced over and saw Sissy's reaction to the ride. It didn't take him long to figure out the scene and soon his hand was up her skirt holding the shifter in place so that she could maximize the location. God she felt good. How she would love to get groceries from now on, she never really enjoyed shopping before but now, hell, she would go every day if needed. By the time the truck pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store she had cum 3 times. Jim had pretended to not notice what was going and David simply removed his hand as they parked. This was a strange group of men that was for sure. Sissy was not complaining one bit, she was enjoying her new found sexual freedom.

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