nothing to complain about this time  

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6/14/2006 7:50 pm

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nothing to complain about this time

Weel first of May I decided enough was enough and dove into the exercise and diet thing.The most honest thing I can think to say is it sucks.Especially after being sedentary for some time.Being overweight is controlable if you really want to if you don't wait too long.Dieting is my biggest problem doing great so far lol.Everything I love to eat is fattening damn I hate being southern sometimes lol.In the month and a half I've been working on myself I've lost in excess of 20 lbs.Its a start.I'm up to walking 5 miles a day on my treadmill of death as I lose weight i put the weight I lose in a back pack I wear while walking.backpack is getting heavy lol.Eating nothing but healthy foods.So its working.6 months from now I plan to be svelt by gawd.

BBWLady3 51F

6/14/2006 8:13 pm

Good luck - sounds like you've made a fantastic start - keep up the good work!

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