Where is she?  

MasterOfThe357 60M
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7/11/2006 8:05 pm
Where is she?

I seek the goofy girl with a good head on her shoulders whose hair shines like sunlight through honey, and whose voice is like a happy tune played on a viola. Perhaps she owns a dog even sillier than my own, whose love for her is boundless and whose fidelity is unquestioned. Or is it a cat who lazes in her lap on Sunday afternoons and who will rub its face across the stubble on my own as I sit upon her well worn sofa?

She makes me coffee and sits on my lap. We share chocolate and oranges and long, slow kisses. I could be happy with her anywhere, she and I together, sharing secrets as we sit under the overpass and wait for the rain to stop. Old people in big cars smile at us as they drive by.

There is nothing she won't show me and nothing I won't do for her. I play her soft, yielding body like a guitar, and she rewards me with the dulcet sounds of her ecstacy. Our hearts beat together, and we share the same breath.

She knows me. I love her.

Where is she?

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