My Buddy Christopher Walken  

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7/11/2006 9:56 am
My Buddy Christopher Walken

So I had this dream last night. I was traveling back east, and I was passing through El Centro, California. The El Centro in my dream was not at all like the El Centro in our waking life. It has a main drag full of highrises and lots of neon and people walking around. The last time I was in the real El Centro, it was 117 degrees and stank of the Salton Sea, and the last thing anyone wanted to do was to walk around outside.

Anyway, I ended up in some kind of large terminal building, and I decided to visit the mens' room. There were several guys inside, and they were all looking at the only toilet stall in the restroom. The toilet itself was one of those one piece, stainless steel units you see in prisons, but the strange thing was that the walls of the stall was so close together that no one could fit inside.

So we're all standing there talking about what a hell of thing that is, when I notice Christopher Walken sitting in a chair. The restroom has morphed into a kind of lounge as things are apt to do in dreams. Apparently, he and I are great friends in Dreamworld. "What did I tell you about the pants?" he asks me. "You've got to start dressing better," and he goes into his suitcase and gives me a pair of his pants to wear. I thank him and continue on my way.

It was quite a long dream, and the rest of it was just about as strange Sometimes, and this is the truth, i wake myself up laughing because I have said something really funny in one of my dreams. i am funnier asleep than I am awake, I think.

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