Master and Slave  

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7/9/2005 9:41 am

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Master and Slave

The Master is the reason that the slave exists. If it were not so, then to whom would the slave look for their satisfaction? The Master is the one who would release the slave from any obligations to find pleasure for themselves and instead guides their every step, which in the end brings more satisfaction.

The slave exists for the pleasure of the Master. The slave's sole responsibility is to do the will of the Master, even if it is not something the slave would normally do. This means that the slave has no limits except that which the Master puts in place.

Lose Control
Are you ready to lose control of yourself? Are you ready to do the things that you once considered taboo? Remember, there was a time when kissing a member of the opposite sex was "icky" and yet you like it now. It is only when you let go and give someone else dominance that you can truly fully experience sexual freedom. When you let go, it is no longer your fault when things do not turn out how you wished because you are following the will of your Master.

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