But One of My Fantasies  

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7/11/2005 10:38 pm

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But One of My Fantasies

My lover awaits for me after calling for me, her heart races as a yearning develops deep within her. I send word to her that she must bide her time until I have been aroused. Not accepting that, but powerless to change it she sends me word yet again of her lusts for me. She asks me to hasten my coming for her.

As the appropriate time comes, I send word again to her let her know of my pending arrival. She then takes to reading herself for my arrival. In preparation she takes to bathing herself. She meticulously washes herself, indulging herself for but a moment when she washes her nipples and her vagina. She takes to applying oils to herself to make her sweet to her lover's lips. She then sets to readying the place to receive me, finally awaiting for me beside the door in but a robe.

Upon my arrival I come to the door where there is a note to let myself in. Upon opening the door I am pleased to find my pet obediently awaiting me. I come in, leaving her in her place until I situate myself in a chair. Then I call her to me. She comes, crawling on all fours like a good girl. I direct her to remove my shoes, which she does diligently. Then I direct her to stand before me, and I part her robe exposing her nakedness. As my eyes examine her body, noticing her ample breasts with large and erect nipples. I then use my hand to examine her crotch and find her wet and waiting for me, with her pussy taking in four fingers with no effort at all. I then direct her to remove her robe and stand naked before me. I then apply clamps to both her nipples and her labia, making her wince and yet smile.

I then arise from my chair and I direct her to undress me. She reaches up and removes my shirt standing behind me, her nipples rubbing against my back. I then direct her to kneel before me and to use only her mouth to remove my pants. As she does so she tries to take my dick in her mouth, but with a quick word she is corrected. I then direct her to follow me into the bathroom where she bathes me and prepares me to sleep with her.

Once I am cleaned and dried, we move into the bedroom. While pondering what I should do with my toy first, I make her lay flat on her stomach with the clamps yet attached. I then, to correct her disobedience early deliver two hard smacks to the ass, correcting her for trying to take my dick in her mouth. I then spread her legs as to remove the clamps from her labia while still on her stomach as I decide that I would start by fulfilling my hunger to eat pussy. I turn her over and also remove the clamps from her nipples. Next I scoop her up in my arms and I kiss her, all the while playing roughly with one of her nipples. I lay her back down and ask her if she would like me to touch her vagina, I tell her to beg me for what she wants.

I take to roughly handling her breasts and her vagina until she cries out in desperation to have her vagina fucked. I then spread her legs wide and tie them to the bed, followed by tying her hands. Finally I bind her breasts before going down between her legs and licking her pussy. The oils she applied have made her sweet slit even more delicious and made my lust for licking even stronger, and with my toy restrained I can lick where I want even when it is too much for her. After many pleas of "please stop" and many rounds of "oh my god" I decide I am satisfied and that it is time to switch things around.

Loosening her restraints I retie them with her once again on her stomach but this time with her arms behind her back. I then guide my cock in her mouth where I make her suck on me nonstop until I have shot my load twice; making her take turns between my cock and my balls and even the occasional licking my ass. My toy eagerly enjoys all that I give her to occupy herself.

Though the story is not complete, there are too many things left to do with an eager lover and toy to make note of now. If you must know how this fantasy ends, then contact me.

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