Fantastic Evening With AFF Lady  

Masseur_75 41M
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5/14/2006 6:15 pm
Fantastic Evening With AFF Lady

"Fantastic Evening With AdultFriendFinder Lady"
Yea, this is something that I don't read very often in blogland. Almost all of the steamy encounters that I read about are from the women of blogville. Why don't the guys describe their encounters?
Notice I don't have a great story to share but that's because I don't have one yet. But when I do and if I have clearance to share I will.

Oh who the hell am I kidding. The reason guys don't blog this shit is because guys who type and think and are blogging just aren't getting laid at all. We need to put down the laptop and pick up the club...

So hey, ya wanna make it in my blog? Don't worry, I'll make you look good, and I won't mention that insane Janice laugh that you have. I won't mention that you talked about your old boyfriends and that your kids were waiting out in the car for you...I'll make ya look all good & stuff.

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