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Masseur_0 41M
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7/16/2005 2:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Top Ten Tunes

Yea, it's cliche but music rules my life. Always has and always will. So I thought I'd share my Top 10 list with everyone...And to show how insane I am I even put the list in order from most fav. on down (uh, isn't that what a top 10 list is supposed to be like Einstien? Shut up inner voice and let me get on with the list...Dork...)

1. Wish You Were Here -Pink Floyd
2. Sunday Morning Come Down
- Johnny Cash

3. Parker's Mood - Charlie Parker
4. West End Blues -Louis Armstrong
5. Heaven is Falling -Bad Religion
6. Food Sex and Ewe - NOFX
7. Trouble Every Day -Frank Zappa
8. All I Do - Stevie Wonder
9. Compassion - Nina Simmone
10 Flash (techno track) - Fix

So there ya have it...As if anyone could give a rats asse.

Ana_6973 43F

7/16/2005 2:18 pm

Interesting mix. NoFX and Johnny Cash in the same list.

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

rm_major259 50M
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7/16/2005 4:58 pm

Well, I understand completely. I've always been huge music fan and I listen to all genres. Music being a part of the "entertainment" industry to me, means your tastes in music shouldnt be predicated by your lifestyle or your age. If you like it, listen to it.

That being said, I can list some of my favorites at this time. Tomorrow it could be something different.

Mayonaise-Smashing Pumpkins
Solo-Raul DiBlasio
Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
When I Need You-Leo Sayer
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart-BeeGees
Tainted Love-Soft Cell
Gringatcho Demento-William Orbit
Still Dre(Instrumental Version)-Dr. Dre
Crazy-Patsy Cline

Those just came without thinking.

mnfun952 102M

7/16/2005 4:58 pm

You forgot "WIld the working class" by Oingo Boingo - it should be a theme song for this site.

rm_big_swede 50M
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7/16/2005 6:32 pm

Mass...It's Swede...

Nice selection.....Quite the wide range of music styles....

DId you see PF at Live 8...OMG....F'n was nice to see the boys back together...if only for that one night

My choice for PF would be "Comfortably Numb"

Tala4u2 54M  
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7/16/2005 7:21 pm

WHAT people care!! This must stop straight away.

1. Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols
2. Whole lotta Rosie - ac/dc
3. Cold Hard Bitch - Jet
4. Rockaway Beach - Ramones
5. Black Betty - Spiderbait
6. Livin next door to Alan - Kevin Bloody Wilson
7. Wonderwall - Oasis
8. Hurricaine - Bob Dylan
9. Amore - Dean Martin
10. Poison - Alice Cooper

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

keithcancook 60M
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7/16/2005 9:45 pm

Anyone with Zappa on his list is okay by me.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/17/2005 1:07 am

Now everyones going to hate me but I've never liked Pink Floyd.
Either singer.

Now don't start throwing in age comments.
In my LP collection and yes I have a turn table is my fathers entire record collection from when he was a DJ.
I listen to everything from Strawberry alarm clock to Areosmith and beyond.

Masseur_0 41M

7/17/2005 6:02 am

Nice choices. Crazy -P.Cline is in the top 20 as is Tainted Love. Didn't see PF at Live 8 but saw them on Division Bell tour. They will grace my naxt post of best live shows...Stay tuned teeny boppers!

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