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7/20/2005 6:46 pm

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Yet another, I'm so cool, list of my favorite live shows ever...You remember yours?

1. Pink Floyd- Division Bell Tour '94

2. Santana- Woodstock '94

3. Ween- '97 Tour

4. Jeff Mills (techno)- Live at 4th of July.
Kalamazoo, MI '97

5. Beastie Boys. Melbourne, Australia '92

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/21/2005 1:33 am

Concert for New York 2001

Paul Mccartney Dallas 1989, 1995, 2004

Paul Mccartney San Antonio 1995

Steve Burns Denton 2004

U2 Dublin 1996

Oasis London 1996

Ocean color scene London 1996

The flaming lips Dallas 2004

GWAR Dallas 2005

Modest mouse Dallas 2005

The helio sequence Denton 2005

Edgefest 14 Dallas 2005
Jimmy Eat World, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Sum 41, The Exies, Billy Idol, Papa Roach, Crossfade, Alterbridge, Unwritten Law, Skindred, Trust Company, and Theory of a Deadman.

Bowling for soup Denton 1999

Bowling for soup Dallas 2005

The Nixons Denton 1997, 1998

Too much to list

Masseur_0 41M

7/21/2005 6:20 pm

ha ha!!! You saw Gwar!!!...Did you get to slurp from the giant demon cock?...Hope you got plenty of green goo as a souvinear. Funny, you've seen U2 in Dublin and Oasis in London and I'm jealous about the Graw...Go figure...

rm_big_swede 50M
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7/21/2005 9:42 pm


Rolling Stones Steele Wheels (Living Color and GNR) Sam Kinison gets drunk and falls off the stage and Axel throws a tantrum (the beginning of the end of GNR)...GREAT SHOW

DAvid Bowie Sound & Vision tour '90

Metallica '94 with Suicidal Tendencies and Candlebox (WHat the fuck were they thinking)

Amnesty International Concert '87 (I think) Sting, Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Tracey Chapman...Someone pass another joint please...

U2 Joshua Tree Tour '87 LA Memorial Coliseum....

Dred Zeplin July 4th '91 at a small club near Wimbledon.....My buddy and I were the only other americans in the place besides the band...WE ended up partying with them after the show...

Honorable Mention....

Tony Bennet at the Greek in LA

THe first Lallapalooza '91 (With Janes Addiction)

Hope you enjoy the list

Masseur_0 41M

7/22/2005 4:50 pm

A true vetran...hehe, you saw Dred Zeplin...I wa the biggest Zeppelin freak in HS and hated Dred Zelpin for even thinking of dishonoring the mighty ones...Yea, I was a dork. I think Dred Zeplin is hillarious now...

And the origonal Lallapalooza. I saw that too. That was by far the best American festival..but just that year, that had the best lineup...

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