Join the Libertarian Party You Infidel!  

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8/25/2005 5:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Join the Libertarian Party You Infidel!

I'm so pumped. Last night I went to the local chapter meeting of the Maryland Libertarian Party. It was the Lib. president, the treasurer and me present at the meeting. Dude, we're gonna take over this country!

They meet at the local library and talk about local and national issues and give out Libertarian feedback. For those who aren't hip to the politics of the disenfranchised the Libertarian Party believes in presonal liberty, individual accountability and responsability, less government and basically allowing the citizens to prosper by their own peaceful means. But my deffinition of Libertarianism is "an Anarchist who wants to be taken seriousley".

You dress in black and scream anti gov. slogans and your spun to be a mindless radical who is just out to cause destruction and meyhem and take what's yours....Or you can take a bath, brush your teeth, go to a few meetings, speak in complete sentences and be called a Libertarian and just spun as a member of a political party who will never gain any real power.

But for those of you who feel disenfranchised with the Republicrat party and want to discuss the issues that matter to you that no one is touching (social welfare, censorship, racial and gender equality, anti-war, globalization)
you may want to check out the Libertarian Party. But if you are a conservative who is pro-war and anti lower class then this is deffinately not for you. Don't worry. I'm not out to convert anyone, just here to give an option for those who chose not to choose because hey "If God wanted us to vote he would've given us candidates"


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