My Sensual Empire  

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3/27/2005 7:23 pm

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My Sensual Empire

It's 10 pm on a Sunday. Easter Sunday to be exact. 2005.

I stare out of my apartment window to the Meijer parking lot across the stress.

I have had a good week of massages here at my place yet am not satisfied with my progress.

It's in this moment I take a look at my life. I'm young, attractive, successful ... I am the kind of person I like and am becomin the kind of person I really want to be. Not everyone can say that.

I'm a sensualist though ... and something is desperately missing.
Through several days and nights of bois, I yearn for female companionship.
I just have such high standards.
Beauty, Intelligence, Emotional stability, Mutual attractedness, Athleticism and sexual prowess ... and the same deep need for sensuality.

God how I miss holding someone after a few hours of foreplay leading into passionate sex. Smelling the sweet perfume of our sex as we hold each other and drift into sleep. I long for it.

I had a friend over last night ... we'll call him James. He hadn't bottomed in a while and really wanted to.
He attacked me when he came into my bedroom and saw me again.
We kissed, bit, scratched ... we both had battle scars.
Then came the wine ... hmm, might have been a mistake. I hadn't eaten all day. The wine dulled my senses but made my empathic nature amplify. His sex energy shot through me. As he perched himself on my cock I felt the anxiety of not being fucked for so long turn into a deep fulfilled longing and when he shot all over me, I could tell that part of him felt filled again.

We drifted off to sleep holding each other. God he's beautiful.

Nonetheless, when he left the next morning and I felt the emptiness return to my being. James was certainly intelligent, intense ... a perfect masculine being with striking blue eyes, pale skin, black hair, an adorable butt and 8.5" member that I love to deep throat.
But despite his apparent perfection ... my body still longed for the feminine.

Then my mind races: I hate the games! Women don't seem to understand the beauty of being intimate friends. Why can't they give up the need to have Prince Charming carry them off to a castle in the sky? Why isn't reality as intoxicating to them as it seems to be to us males?

Then I settle ... and I relax ... and I think:
There must be a few women that fit the bill. So, my search continues.

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