Day 30 - The Beginning.  

MaskedFlatterer 41M
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2/15/2006 4:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Day 30 - The Beginning.

Hello, hello? Testing 1-2-3. Is this thing on? Does it need batteries? Ah right. I have never had a blog before, which is quite strange seeing how much I write. Which end do I blow into again? Oh, OK.

Hi. In 30 days time I will be packing in my day job and looking to make my living as a full time writer. I can hear the clock ticking. Seeing as it would be foolish to make such a leap without looking I am showing my idea off to all the young ladies I can find. If I get 100 people who think what I write is good enough to charge money for then I will do it. That is quite scary. No pressure or anything.

This isn’t going to be full of sex or scandal or naked pictures but there will be a lot of drama, emotion and heartache. Well on my part there will. I will try and be as honest (and as funny) as possible and try and keep it short as I know you are a busy bee. This isn’t going to be my best work here but I will endeavour to watch my typos and make it reasonably readable.

I have always had a huge imagination and loved writing stories. As a kid an active imagination is a curse as it means your nightmares are so much scarier than those of your friends.
I would make up whole worlds with maps I would draw colour in and I would spend ages working out who lived in each house, where they went to work and everything. I was too poor to have any toys so pen and paper was the world to me.

At 22 I discovered women had really dirty minds and they got turned on by reading and imagining fantasies. I kind of clicked into this and began writing them all sorts of mischievous works. A very potent weapon in seduction is the naughty note and my talent led me into some wonderful relationships.

After a very amicable split from my partner of 3 years at the start of this year I am bubbling over with the ardour of the single male and have a head full of cheeky thoughts. A chance email encounter with an incredibly beautiful woman who praised my talent got me thinking maybe it was time to put it to its full use. So here we go…

rm_SusieQ27 46F
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2/17/2006 4:29 am

Hello, I am busy bee, to be sure. Busy wondering why "no full sex" I enjoyed your story, this morning, as I have enjoyed them all, so far.
They knack is too leave them wanting more!!! I'm going to do a blog now and would be grateful for your imput..a little constructive critisism never hurt anyone did it? See what you thing, darlin.
Bye for now...Luv n stuff...Susie.......

MaskedFlatterer 41M

2/17/2006 10:06 am

Thank you Suzie. It is really nice to have you posing here. I have some visitors but you are the first poster. With all these smiles you are really spoiling us. I do recommend Suzie’s blog as it is so bright, chirpy and colourful Much more naughtiness than you will find in my missive too. It is very distracting but I must keep going and focus on my own writing. Well maybe I will make just one more visit before I get down to typing another erotic telegram.

The Masked Flatterer

rm_SusieQ27 46F
2093 posts
2/17/2006 1:09 pm

Mf.I don't know that my blogs are any naughtier than your scribblings. I think your's are very erotic. They make me tingle, lover..mmm.

Luv n stuff....Susie...

Eastleighcouple 35M/46F
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3/1/2006 3:23 pm

Some very interesting writing. I myself used to enjoy writing erotic short stories until a couple of years ago... I think I lost my writers oomph when I met a fantastic fella, who'm I am now married to. Have you ever looked at, they have a section there for erotic stories. Start concentrating on some real good stuff, and look into writing for the 'Black Lace' collection.

The Mrs

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