Day 26 - Fingers  

MaskedFlatterer 41M
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3/31/2006 1:45 am

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4/2/2006 12:32 am

Day 26 - Fingers

You know I want you don’t you. You know it turns me on thinking about you. Writing all these naughty stories and having all these wicked thoughts is driving me crazy. This hard, rigid keyboard feels so impersonal under my fingers. If only it was you feeling my touch instead. My long slender fingers dance across the keys but they would be equally useful on a surgeon or a pianist. I wish they were touching you right now. Lie down on the bed face down and let me sit astride you. I want to massage you. With just the tips of my fingers I want to knead your body loosening all the knots and stresses from your muscles. I start in the small of your back and work upward and outwards to your neck and then your shoulders. What else could I do with my fingers? I could run them through your hair to relax you. Or maybe wrap your shiny locks round my fingers and close them into a fist, securing you in my grip as I pull your head back and bite lovingly at your neck. Maybe I will use your hair like reins as I take you from behind, pulling you onto me as I bury myself deep inside you. Maybe my fingers need to go inside you. So long and lean they slide effortlessly into your wetness. I bend and curl them to reach your hidden spots of pleasure. There is no where these digits cannot penetrate and stimulate. One at a time, then two, then three then all, filling you up leaving my thumb free to stimulate that little rosebud of yours driving you wild. But there are other places for my fingers to explore aren’t there? Take one in your mouth for me and suck it. You tease me with your eyes promising me the delights your mouth will bring to me later when I am through with my touching. But where else can a finger explore? I think there is one other entrance to be probed and stimulated. A forbidden cave or secret passage to be explored by only the most libertine. All these dirty thoughts are making your nipples erect aren’t they. Let me grip them between my thumb and forefinger. Feel me pinching them hard - twisting, tugging and stimulating, perhaps getting them ready for my mouth to suckle on. While I am there why don’t I squeeze your breasts? My firm grip and strong hands grasping and moulding your soft and compliant flesh. I think I will dig my nails in before raking them over your feminine mounds. Again and again I stimulate you like this, leaving red trails of ecstasy in my wake. I position myself behind you and starting at the top of your spine I slowly and sensually draw my claws down your back. Then beginning at your shoulder I scratch pleasurably down your left side then down your right. Where else needs my attention I wonder? Your thighs, buttocks, your tummy? If my fingers were my quill what epic could I pen on your perfect canvas? Time to dip it back in the inkwell I am sure.

I wonder what your fingers have been doing while mine have been typing?

SaucyNSassy 38F

4/1/2006 7:40 pm masterful tease. If only you were closer and I could experience you in person.


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