Day 22  

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2/21/2006 1:50 pm

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Day 22

I’m famous! Well kind of. I got a lovely email from, guess where?

The Netherlands!

It was a delightful young lady who may even be a better writer than I am. Check out her Blog SxyCrazyCool

I have a couple of American posters too. Oh to be adored

All this writing means I am running out of music. When writing I put my headphones on and play an album on repeat for a few hours. Trouble is I am running out of new music. The radio is not the same. I am reduced to blagging the free CD’s off the covers of music magazines. Oh the shame. Although it has introduced me to some new bands I need to invest in when I am rich and famous. I guess being a writer has more perks than I thought.

Speaking of perks: women have been sending me mails saying how they would like to suck my… Well you know. Now that is flattering! But I feel it might be distracting. Plus I don’t think they would fit under my desk while I type.

Speaking of sucking, those of you in my email group will be getting a treat tomorrow when I unleash my rabid desire to indulge in Australian Kisses. The clue is in the title. Down under, silly. Yes I had to look that one up too.

As you may know I usually write fetish fiction so this week has been a real treat. None of the women in my stories have been tied up, spanked, or anything kinky. It’s like going cold turkey. I think I am getting the shakes. There has been lots of teasing, caressing, kissing, hair brushing and even a midnight picnic on a beach. Gosh!

Well I am quite up beat today although maybe spending a month writing solidly will overdose me and I won’t want to write full time. We will have to see what happens in about 3 weeks wont we.

Have a lovely day everyone I’m going to have my first early night in weeks!

Keep Smiling

The MaskedFlatterer

SxyCrazyCool 38F

2/21/2006 3:53 pm

Gosh.. now you made me blush!
Thank you for your very nice compliments in my blog/mail
*smile*.. I loved your e-mail..

I hope you've had a very nice sleep with sweet happy dreams!


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