Day 15  

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2/28/2006 4:53 pm

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Day 15

No time to stop today. I have emails to answer, stories to write and the warm glow of praise to bask in.

Read this instead.

The text I sent you said I wanted to meet you at lunchtime. There you are, waiting outside your building, looking up and down the road for me. For 20 minutes you have been waiting and are both concerned and angry. Your work colleagues have been going in and out giving you odd looks. You smile it off wondering what they are thinking and trying not to feel embarrassed. You have tried texting and even ringing me but have received no reply. Suddenly I appear out of nowhere taking hold of your arm and briskly leading you up the road. You start to ask where I have been and why you have been kept waiting. I stop and spin round pulling your body into my arms like a dancer and I kiss you. It is a savage passionate kiss full on your lips with my eager tongue forcing its way into your mouth. It as if 20 minutes worth of absent caresses have all arrived at exactly the same time. The excitement takes your breath away and you are speechless as I lead you on a little further. I drag you into a little alleyway that no one knows is there. It is a secret dead end that none would think to visit or look into. I push you up against a brick wall and pounce upon you. My hands are everywhere. Groping your bottom and sliding up your back. Strong arms wrap around, constricting you. My body presses up against yours. Our mouths devour each other. You hands cling to me as our fever explodes. I pull away. I place your arms behind your back and tell you to keep them there. I slip my fingers under the hem of your skirt. I slide my palms up over your soft thighs as slowly as I can bear, hoisting the material exposing your cute panties. The air on your warm flesh makes you tingle. I tuck your skirt into the waistband allowing me a great view. My powerful hands grip and squeeze your thighs arousing you. Your hands reach forward to hold and touch me. “No!” I say making you jump and I drag your wrists back behind you making you interlock the fingers. Your heart starts beating faster at this naughty little game. My lips are on yours again and our wet tongues urgently feast on pure desire. You feel my hand slide between your thighs and you part your legs obediently inviting me in. I slide my lips away from yours kissing your cheek then whisper 3 words. Each syllable is delivered slowly and carefully like a thrust within your loins. My hot breath upon you drives you wild. For a moment I lick and nibble your ear making you even more excited and desperate. You gasp out loud as my broad palm makes contact with your soaked panties. I grip your crotch firmly cradling the whole of your sex in my hand. I squeeze and rub as I take possession of what is mine. All the while my kisses and tongue are meeting your own. I continue to rub rhythmically and deeply against your dripping wet bulge. You moan as I do and your hands once again come round reaching for your lover. “No!” I say, pulling away and reprimanding you again. You open your mouth to protest but my eyes silence you. Like a flash my hand stops playing with you and grasps your wrists once more. I cross them and pull them up above your head. My muscular hand, all wet and slippery with your juices, pins your arms above your head. My mouth seeks out your neck with lusty kisses and bites. My other hand slips inside your panties. The sudden touch of flesh drives you wild and you struggle against my iron grip. You are so eager and willing to participate but you are forbidden. My little game is driving you crazy and all too soon you feel the urgent ache building within you. I feel it too. My movements intensify. Pushing, squirming penetrating. 3 fingers inside you. A thumb on your swollen bud. Rhythmic thrusts. A strong grip. Then my other hand drops to cover your mouth muffling your noisy climax. I feel your muscles spasm and twitch as I touch deep inside you. You shudder and your legs buckle slightly. I withdraw both my hands. I kiss you tenderly on the forehead and whisper 2 words into your ear that make you blush. I turn and walk away.

Hope you enjoyed it. That is just one of the many works I have been churning out over the past 2 weeks.

Keep Smiling (Because I am)

The Masked Flatterer

SxyCrazyCool 38F

2/28/2006 5:28 pm

Oh I'm smiling alright! .. Ear to ear..

In a few minutes I shall lie down.. Picture this scene before me.. And I shall smile again.. and again.. and maybe again.. ?



2/28/2006 5:57 pm

makes my panties wet.{=}

MaskedFlatterer 41M

3/1/2006 2:12 am

Why thank you ladies.

I have more where this came from.

*bows most politely*

The MaskedFlatterer

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