Day 14  

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Day 14

What? Every day? Can’t I just sleep. I will post 2 entries tomorrow I promise. OK, OK!

Here is another instalment of LUNCHTIME

You keep thinking back to that lunchtime and for days you constantly check your phone waiting for another text. Finally the message you have been eagerly anticipating arrives. It says that I will meet you in the same place tomorrow lunchtime. For the rest of the day you are on a high and your mind is racing. The thought of my hands once again pawing and ravishing your body make you so very horny. All that night your fingers squirm inside you as you re-live those brief moments of passion that won’t leave your mind. The following day you cannot concentrate on your work. Time seems to have slowed down in a conspiracy against you. You are aching and yearning for my rough touch and it is driving you mad. You desperately want to slip off to the toilets and relieve yourself but you never seem to get the chance. Then your phone beeps. It takes you by surprise. What could it be? Surely I am not going to cancel? You heart sinks as you access the message. Don’t say you will be denied your climax. It is not denial but encouragement. I say how much I am looking forward to making you cum again in that dirty alleyway. Again your phone beeps. More description has arrived. Dirty, filthy imagery of how and where I intend to touch you. Your panties are soaked and your nerves are fried with 24 hours of mind blowing expectation and longing. You are certain you have never been this wet. You leave a moist patch on your chair. You can feel your warmth trickling down your thighs all the way to your knees. I make it worse. Every thirty minutes I torture you with more explicit descriptions of how I intend to use your helpless body. Your face is flushed and you can feel prickly perspiration tingling over your flesh. You have never, ever been teased like this and you never want to be again. You do everything to avoid your colleagues certain they are whispering about how obviously aroused you are. You dread the beep of your phone but dare not ignore it just in case I have changed my plan. You hope against hope that I would not be so cruel to you. A few times you implore me to stop or beg me to bring our rendezvous closer. All I reply with is a simple smiley face. Eventually the leaden hands of time signal your lunch hour and you dash outside. Now you must wait longer. Waiting here until I am ready to release you from your teasing captivity. You charge up to the alley just in case I am hiding there. But I am not. Crestfallen you are about to turn round when unknown hands seize you. A muscular arm wraps round your waist pulling you backwards against a man’s firm torso. Another arm goes round your chest and a hand squeezes your breast through your blouse before moving up to your neck. You are certain it is my fingers on your sensitive skin. My grip inclines your head and teeth bite gently but erotically into your neck making you moan. “Please, oh please just fu…” My hand flashes your mouth to gag you and pulls your head backwards to rest against my shoulder. “Now, now,” I chide. “This is my game,” I tell you. “Now I will have to make you wait longer.” Frantically you try and shake your head within my strong grip. Pleading sounds escape your gagged mouth. Your arousal intensifies as you struggle in my hold. My arms bind you too me and this restraint turns you on. I spin you round and look you up and down. You wonder what you must look like. Flushed, aroused, frantic, dishevelled. You make a grab for me yanking my jacket and pull me onto you impaling me with your kiss. Your mouth urgently devours me before I push you away. “I remember how badly behaved your hands were the last time so I have come prepared,” I say. Then I remove my expensive tie from my neck and un-knot it. I take a wrist and turn you round so your hands and back face me. I bend you forward and expertly I tie your hands. You step backwards and push your bottom against me. You can feel my hardness and rub against me. I raise your wrists bending you double and forcing you to stop. You know that you cannot influence me with words or actions but urgently need release before you lose your mind. At the moment you would trade breathing for an orgasm you are in such need.

Keep Smiling and you may attract a butterfly like I have

The Masked Flatterer

SxyCrazyCool 38F

3/2/2006 6:39 am

*Butterfly Kisses*



3/2/2006 5:02 pm

have you ever thought about summitting your work to Ellora's Cave? It's an online publisher. Hope you do?

MaskedFlatterer 41M

3/5/2006 6:23 pm

Interesting? I will have to search for that.


The Masked Flatterer

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