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8/31/2006 11:59 am

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Another story

You awaken from your nap - feeling rested and relaxed
- but still a bit horny from the previous episode. I
am sitting in a nice easy chair in the bedroom -
reading a good book. You rise from the bed, wearing
nothing but a big smile. You come over to where I am
sitting, you push my legs together in front of the
chair and sit down on my legs - straddling them -
directly in front of me. You smell sweet from the
shower before the nap - and the massage lotions. You
put your arms around my neck and we start to kiss -
deep wet kisses - our tongues interlock - darting in
and out of each others mouth. I gently kiss down from
your mouth to your neck - you raise your head for me
to be able to kiss your neck. I run my tongue over
your neck - from your atoms apple to just below your
ear - gentle tongue work that makes you tingle all
over. My tongue finds your ear, I gently dart my
tongue in and out of your ear - breathing heavy for
your benefit. This makes you quiver all over, and
moan out loud - you get goose bumps all over your
body - and you start to squirm on my lap.

I slowly work my way back to your lips - running my
tongue over your lips ever so softly. You open your
mouth to inhale my tongue - but I keep my tongue on
your lips. You want more - but it will have to wait.
By now your pussy is starting to get wet, I can feel
it through my pants as you sit on my lap. I move my
hands from around your neck to around your waist. My
tongue works it's way down your neck to your chest -
and I continue to reach down with my tongue to between
your breasts. You gasp for air from the wonderful
sensations - needing more, but knowing it will be
coming. You stand up now - directly in front of me -
you totally naked, me fully clothed. You spread my
legs now and stand fully exposed to me. This gives me
much better access to your breasts - as they are
directly in front of me. I start to circle my tongue
around the base of your breasts - first around one -
then the other. Ever so slowly - the circles get
smaller and smaller as I work my way toward your now
totally erect nipples.

I suck one nipple into my mouth and roll it around
with my tongue. It is hard from the excitement. My
hands cup your breasts from underneath - one held firm
in my mouth - the other nipple excited in
anticipation. I gently suck on your nipple - using my
tongue to massage it. I suck hard and get as much of
your breast in my mouth as possible - you moan with
excitement. I gently work on your nipples - now both
- working back and forth - between them. I push your
breasts together with my hands and try to work both
nipples into my mouth. I gently bite your nipples,
not for pain, but for excitement. You grab my head
with your hands and pull me closer to your breasts -
burying my face in them. You are totally excited now.

As you stand in front of me, I work your legs apart -
put my legs between yours, and slowly slide down the
chair between your legs so that I am kneeling directly
in front of your pussy. My tongue works it way across
your pussy - slowly - gently. My hands reach around
your waist and I grab your ass - not too hard - but
hard enough that you know I am holding onto you. I
pull you toward me as I bury my tongue deep inside
your pussy. You squirm at the feel of my tongue and
almost fall over from the excitement. You push your
pussy into my tongue - humping to get as much tongue
inside you as possible. You bend over and grab the
arms of the chair to keep from falling over.

I slide further underneath you - and am now kneeling
behind you - facing right into your ass. I reach out
and bite your ass - you jump - this was not what you
where expecting - it was not a hard bite, but enough
to make you jump. I turn you around now - again
facing your pussy - and set you in the chair - the
edge of the chair so I have full access to you. While
kneeling in front of you - I spread your legs - wide.
Now I get to see that wonderful smooth pussy in front
of me - I love the feel and sensation of a shaved
pussy - really gets me turned on. My cock gets hard
in my pants just being in front of you. I use my
hands to hold your pussy - I insert a finger into you
- then two - you are so wet, they enter you easily.
My tongue works its way around your pussy lips - then
down the center - spliting your pussy open with my
tongue. My hand now spreads your pussy lips above
your clit. There in front of me - your excited clit -
just begging to be licked. As I work my two fingers
inside you - I start to lick your clit. You are so
excited, you buck against my tongue. I tell you to
grab your breast and massage those erect nipples that
I had been working on not too long ago. You comply
with my wishes - squeezing, massaging, pinching those
nipples - getting you even more excited.

You lift your leg up and drape it over the arm of the
chair - to give me better access to your pussy. I
bury my face in your pussy - pushing my tongue as deep
inside you as I can - trying to touch deep inside you.
I move back to your clit - now so excited. You are
ready to explode. I suck your click into my mouth and
work it around and round with my tongue. You can not
hold on any longer and just explode in a wave of
orgasmic pleasure. You hump my fingers and buck
toward my mouth - but I hold on and keep the pressure
up - as the waves of orgasm keep coming. This orgasm
lasts a long time - as if it would not end. The
juices from your pussy are now flowing over my fingers
- making them wetter and wetter as they continue to
enter you.

You let out a final sigh, as your body goes limp in
the chair. I know it is time for me to just hold
still - my tongue still on your clit - but not moving
- and my fingers still inside you, but still. Your
eyes close as you just sit there - your body heaving
from the heavy breathing you have needed from the
excitement. I move from between your legs so that you
can stretch out and relax. As I stand up - you can
see the bulge of excitement in my pants, but I am not
close enough for you to touch it. You are too relaxed
to get up from that chair, so you close your eyes,
stretch out and just enjoy the time - with a smile on
your face.

I am content knowing that I can please you so. To
know that you can orgasm under my attention is such a
turn on. And knowing that the payback will be worth
it, keeps me excited with an erection in my pants.

Mashug 57M
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9/1/2006 10:00 am

Thank you mzhunyhole - will try to work on some more.

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