Chairman of the Bored  

rm_MaritimeWild 44M
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3/8/2006 5:11 pm
Chairman of the Bored

Hello there ladies! Well what have i been up to? Getting prepared for next year, i was up in Kentville on Monday discussing future schooling plans and looking at what could be my apartment for next year, actually it was my apartment last year. I did have a friend who wanted to meet up with me, but now i think that is off because i am not a so called, "Sugar Daddy" even though i never said i was one from the start. I am starting to wonder what exactly some people seem to want? I would like to show somebody a good night out, a good time. If we click, then maybe something more would happen... i just hate when some people start being all materialistic. All they seem to be interested in is what you drive, what kind of place do you live in (Mine is a basement apartment) and what you own and this and that. I am not dirt poor and i do not drive a Lincoin, a Porche or anything like that. I just wish some people would be more realistic, it is like they are not interested in you, only what you can do for them. Whew! Anyways i am working all weekend and hopefully if i can get a moment, i am going to go see, "The Hills Have Eyes" which is a remake of a classic slasher film from the 1970s, i would love to take a date, but if that is not in the cards, then i will go and enjoy the popcorn all by myself! LOL...anyways folks, have a good one!

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