Men have it easy!!!!  

MarcySullivan 52F  
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7/9/2006 7:22 am

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10/14/2007 9:46 am

Men have it easy!!!!

As I was getting ready this morning to leave Sherbrooke and go to the airport and pick up my visitor, I started to think on the differences between a man and a woman getting ready!

I was standing there in front off the mirror putting my make up on and thought about what men do to get ready. Ok.. shower.. shampoo.. if they have hair of course, shave, brush teeth, deodorent, cologne if they were it (but damn can they smell good!!!!!).
Did I leave something out???? Oh.. maybe a haircut the day before???

I went to the hairdresser.. got that coloring done.. have to hide my real age.. too much grey hair in there lol (family curse actually).
Shower.. shave the legs.. special lotion for the face, special hair product for specific hair type, conditionner, feminine wash for pussy, deodorent, brush teeth and it's not finish.. facial cream, make up.. not too much we're not going on stage after all! Then.. THE HAIR.. dry it.. damn they are not doing what we want.. try again.. use the iron for that damn little curl that doesn't want to stay put.. a little hair spray.. not too much though.. you want him to be able to put his hand thru your hair and not get stucked in it lol
Ok.. we look perfect.. now the BIG question..
WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!!! That little top I love so much.. nope.. take it off.. maybe my new black shirt.. nope.. take it off.. damn I'm starting to sweat.. Ok.. found the perfect outfit and I'm out the door.. oopss.. forgot to put my perfume... and one last look in the mirror.. ok...

I'm OUT of here!!



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rm_crtyboy4 69M

7/9/2006 8:05 am

and your point is?????

MarcySullivan replies on 7/13/2006 2:56 pm:
Humm.. didn't think I was trying to make one.. just a funny post that came to mind when I was getting ready for a date!!

LustyTaurus 48M  
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7/9/2006 8:32 am could do the same as us...but we're glad you don't.

MarcySullivan replies on 7/13/2006 2:57 pm:
lol I'm sure some do.. although I prefer not to LOL

rm_connor696 60M
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7/9/2006 9:04 am

As if men don't use product in their hair! And men are far more likely to injure themselves lifting too heavy at the gym.

You know, though, if women wanted men to spend more time making themselves hot, they would. For that matter, I'd hate to be timed when I'm getting ready for a date. It's certainly a lot more than a shower and shave.

But of course you're right; makeup alone is a major time eater for many women. And oh, do I appreciate all that effort.

MarcySullivan replies on 7/13/2006 3:02 pm:
Of course everyone is different and has different preparation steps to a date. Was just complaining about how long it takes ME lol

It's not just the makeup alone.. it's the hair too lol

TickleMeBBW 36F

7/9/2006 9:17 am

She doesn't need a point, she's a woman!

MarcySullivan replies on 7/13/2006 3:03 pm:
lol damn right.. thanks for the back up TickleMeBBW

BlackHeatLust 47M

7/11/2006 5:41 am

I think most men have it easy unless you're a Metrosexual then it might take a little bit longer to get ready.

MarcySullivan replies on 7/13/2006 3:04 pm:
How long will you take to get ready for me sweetie?

BlackSailorMan 51M
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7/11/2006 8:36 am

I appreciate all that you do for us.

MarcySullivan replies on 7/13/2006 3:05 pm:
Thanks Sailorman Good to see you.. welcome to my world!!!

BlackHeatLust 47M

7/16/2006 12:35 am

    Quoting BlackHeatLust:
    I think most men have it easy unless you're a Metrosexual then it might take a little bit longer to get ready.
I don't claim to be a MetroSexual but rather a Sexy Male nonetheless.

MarcySullivan 52F  
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7/16/2006 12:41 am

    Quoting BlackHeatLust:
    I don't claim to be a MetroSexual but rather a Sexy Male nonetheless.
DAMN sexy


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Drofpussology4u 59M  
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7/18/2006 8:47 am

I am a Passionate Metro Sexual Sensitive Macho man from hell!

My shoes have to be shined and immaculate.

My shirt and suit pressed. I have to have all my fuck toys (tantra vibrators, dildos, sex slings, massage oils, lubricants, clit bangers, finger tip stimulators and condoms)packed and ready for action.

Mercedes must be shined and immaculate. Gotta have the map and sea side apartment reservation. Hair must be in place and gotta have the moisturizers for skin, and hot water bottle to put on your pussy in case I beat it up too bad.

Gotta get the business world stuff out of my mind so I can get ready to ,

So that azz I can tap,
Don't want to hear no crap,
You ain't dealin', with no sap,
Gonna fuck ya 'till ya nap!

Gotta have socks with no holes in them, clean finger nails, scented soap, (I loved the pussy wash part of your story) cologne, after shave and skin lotion.

So, when dealing with us Metro Sexual Macho Men, remember, we go through extreme lengths to be sexy and try to make you cum when you just think of our thick phallus.

We are a new breed of pussologists.

We use mental, emotional, physical and psychological stimuli to simply render you senseless and leave you penis drunk!

DeeepPenaTrayR "The Pussologist"[blog DeeepPenaTrayR]

MarcySullivan replies on 7/18/2006 4:15 pm:
Nice to know it's more than just a shower/shave thing Just kidding.. I know most do take time to get ready and look nice for us.

I like the fuck toys list.. guess I don't have to bring mine??? lol
Oh wait.. the more the merrier no???

Leave the mercedes home sweetie.. I'm a bit too far for a drive and I agree on that business stuff.. gotta focus on SOMETHING else

Tha azz is awaiting!!!


TurnLock 59M
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7/20/2006 5:02 am

We men appreciate the time it takes for you to get ready for your day or dates. We also appreciate that we don't have to go thru all that to get ready. In the end you get a bigger reward for your efforts, we gravitate toward you. We want to soak in your beauty. We desire you. So sure it's extra work, but look at what you get out of it.

MarcySullivan replies on 7/20/2006 9:34 am:
You have a point there.. but don't forget that we desire you guys too or this would not work out at all.


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