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4/13/2006 2:16 pm

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Catchy little title

........They always say to write a catchy little title , so I did.

So how does things stand today? I have opera playing in the background, probably the stereo been left on and a movie on the box which has acting worse than frog on steriods (which actually could be funny), and all I can think about is sex..... much like everyone else !!!

It's strange to note that after I reset the who's viewed couter that I've had 20 views for only 3 people, yet not one could so much as wink!!! Still, it's the game. A below is a little bit of my mind.

......The door was slightly ajar, illuminating a small sliver of the long, solitary hallway of the Mitsubishi Hotel. It had a calling that couldn't be ignored. Slowly did he move, one step at a time. His heart rate increased making him catch his breath as he moved closer. Reaching out for the polished gold handle he could hear a low breathe, rythmic & steady. His gripped the handle and eased the door open, gliding effortlessly. As he stepped inside the large square room he could make out the figure of a woman laying on the silk sheets of the king side bed. "close the door" a smooth voice said from the direction of the bed. He looked up at her moonlight legs then up to her exposed body. His eyes followed her curves to her breasts with their nipples pointing up to the mirrored ceiling. Closing the door he took one step forward. "stop right there, I didn't say to move" said her low, carm voice. Her hand stroked her leg, her manicured nails catching the light could be seen in the mirrors above. Moving her hands to her breasts she began to caress them, rubbing her nipples as she gasped at the sensation. Twisting them slightly between thumbs and middle fingers. Her breathing became deeper and louder and her hands moved down to her vagina as her legs parted. He stood there watching, itching to move, to touch and feel her skin on his lips and against his body. She could see his desires, but she did not iinvite him any closer. Her fingers began to rub slowly against her clit. Round and down, round then down in one smooth motion. Her hips rotating in the motion, she pulled back her head and let out a mone. His penis erect in his pants ached. His breathing became deeper as the urge to move became greater. With her legs spread as wide as she could she masterbated faster and moaned louder. Beads of sweat glistened on her face and body. Griping her left breast in her hand she continued the pleasing, pushing her right fingers deeper into her woman....

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