The Fragile (Or Robust) Male - How do women see us ??  

Maquis55 62M
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8/14/2006 6:01 pm

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11/28/2016 1:59 am

The Fragile (Or Robust) Male - How do women see us ??

With all of the banter & backchat that goes on between the genders within an "Adult" site, there can be no doubt that the participants need to be thick-skinned to survive !!

How do women really view the "Site Males" - Are we graded by the level of our conversation, the artistic (Or less so !) content of photographs we post ?? "Performance" if a meeting or meetings follow ??

The view has long been put forward that many men simply view women as a target for their lustful urges & once they've had their "Wicked Way", they lose interest & move to the next target - With some this may be true & others not..........But what of women........How do they treat men ??

Women are capable of multiple orgasms, men less so..........Other than in oral sex, men have to maintain an erection to function sexually, women not having such an obvious object of arousal (Although of course, the female body gives a range of more subtle signs of arousal).

If women view men in a way purely related to their "Sexual Usefulness", how long is it before they outlive this usefulness & get traded in for a more youthful/virile/physically attractive/sexually talented model ??...........In short.......Are we the "Hunters" or the "Hunted".........Some will continually rise to the challenge........Others will wilt (Puns intended !).

Well ladies..........How do you see us ??

CB_2 51F

8/15/2006 3:13 am

I think AdultFriendFinder alllows women to be more like men than they are allowed to be in the real world. And that's why you might find more of us predatory than you might meet elsewhere. Yes, women like sex. Yes, many women will happily use and lose a man. But the older we are, the less our lives permit us to be promiscuous fuck buddies, whether we want it or not.

So women here who are not looking for a committed relationship tend to be on the lookout for so-called Friends With Benefits. We want a shag partner who doesn't want to control our lives, because we like our lives as they are. But that doesn't mean we have plans to dump him any time - it's so much hassle to go and find someone else. So if we find an FWB who doesn't wilt, we'll want to keep him.

That's my view, by the way.

You're not thin-skinned are you, honey? (I changed that from "babe", you'll be pleased to hear). Gosh, are you safe to be let loose in blogville on your own, I wonder?

Blogito ergo sum.

Maquis55 62M
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8/15/2006 2:59 pm

Interesting view - Thank you.

Thin-Skinned...........No.........Quite the reverse !!

"Blogville" - No, I'm probably not safe to be let loose on my own, probably safer in the hustle & bustle of the chat rooms - More immediacy.

X_X_Audrey_X_X 47F

7/17/2007 3:47 pm

Hey Honey - just giving you a wave to say if you wanna go to my blog just click under my name on the left there <<<<<< where it says View My Blog. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Loving yours - real deep. Hope to speak soon.

Reverbe2 43F
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7/18/2007 5:26 am

I see you guys as shallow assholes who wont give a decent gal a break LOL

But seriously though good question... I view the site males here as follows

Mostly morons and munters
Quite Few nice guys who are ok to talk to but as friends only
and in 3 1/2 yrs one nice lad I met
NO potential meets tho

Please view my blog reverbe2 Sweethearts Sanctuary

Maquis55 62M
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2/11/2008 2:55 pm

Well, Reverbe, there are always good & bad.........I've met 3 ladies who are intelligent, amusing, sensual & great fun to be with & would describe myself as being "Very selective".
Many on AdultFriendFinder truly don't know what it is they want & thus, often don't get it..........Which is a shame.
You seem like a nice lady - I hope you get what you want.

sassycass2112 54F

5/9/2010 3:33 pm

I must agree with Reverbe2. Unfortunately, as yet, I have not met a guy online that I felt 100% comfortable with meeting offline. The couple of guys that I came close enough to meeting, but still was not completely at ease with, have backed out themselves, usually by avoiding any contact by phone or email for a date to either be set or cancelled altogether.
If they weren't really that interested in the 1st place, then why waste so many hrs, supposedly enjoying your time on IM or phone.
There are some lovely guys on this site who are kind considerate, funny + interesting, that I have got to know quite well as, I like to think trusted friends, that I wouldn't have met had it not been for sites such as this. I would just rather hold out until I find a guy that feels right for me for whatever encounter arrises. (pun
Then, u have far more guys on here, that treat the place like a meat market + whenever they see a woman enter a chatroom, swoop on her like a pack of wolves. If she so dares to assume she has the right to say, 'No thanks but I'm just here to chat.' she may find herself subject to a barrage of comments about the fact that it's a sex site, so if she doesn't want to jump straight in the sack with the 1st guy that squables over her, then what the hell is she doing there in the 1st place.
I personally have had this more times than I can count + rarely, but it happens, worse. I will not let guys like these, which are ,let's face it, complete losers, with a total disregard for other people's rights or feelings, tar everyone else with the same brush. And I speak about women as well as men on this. Both sexes are guilty of this. I've seen some pretty horrendous behaviour on both sides.
As of just getting what you want out of a meet + all done + dusted, great. Just make sure the other person/people are aware of this as soon as you make contact with them + allow them to decide whether to take it further.


Maquis55 62M
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5/10/2010 1:32 am

Yes, fair comment

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