"You are Me, I am You" by MIB  

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10/30/2005 7:38 pm

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"You are Me, I am You" by MIB

Out of all that I’ve experienced,
never have I had the privilege of befriending
someone like you.
No matter how many times I see your face,
the allure is everlasting with
someone like you.
A kiss can be deadly if meant,
yet I’ve never really been kissed by
someone like you.
Though moments come and go,
I have always cherished any moment with
someone like you.

Perhaps my words have been taken lightly.
Perhaps you feel that I am incapable of satisfying you emotionally.
Perhaps you have suddenly changed your mind about the plans that
you and I have made.
Perhaps I was a fool to believe you when told me that
the feeling is mutual.
I know you remember that day.
I do, and always will because it was you who spoke those sweet words
that I so longed to hear.

If I have offended you in some way,
then I must apologize.
If I have broken your trust somehow,
then I must earn it again.
If I have confused you in some fashion,
then I must inquire how.
If I have spoken my heart in vain,
then I must speak no more of it.

Was I wrong to confess myself to you?
I ask this again and again because you continuously
give me vague to zero feedback.
Please, if you have any care for me at all,
then help me understand this.
I’ve been dead-set honest with you since the day we met.
If it were you telling me what I’ve told you, would you not want me
to tell you how I felt in return of such feelings?
Whether they are ones that I allow myself to feel or not,
know that you are the center of my emotions.
You are my best friend, and always will be.
I love you more than you may realize.
Here endeth my ramble…

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