"I Say To You Again" by MIB  

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10/30/2005 12:50 pm

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"I Say To You Again" by MIB

Please, don’t look at me that way,
But wait, my love, don’t turn away,
Such a privilege to see you today,
My God, there’s much I wish to say.

You know my mind on this situation,
Why do you resist, and then tell me otherwise?
What is this…game you continuously play?
Yet still I find no deceit behind your eyes.

When can I hold you again?
Sweet woman, you send me to an inexplicable level,
He doesn’t love as I do. How can he?
For no one can love more than a madman or devil.

Except you and I, of course,
We both have the burning fire within that drives us,
Which nothing can extinguish forthwith,
Whether times are pleasant or extremely rough.

It is a rare thing to find one’s soulmate,
Even more rare to find one’s match,
You have my heart, sweet faerie of Light,
Careful though, it has already been cracked.

You say that I’m so important to you,
And you always want me in your life,
Then why not be my lover?
Perhaps one day become my wife?

The wheel has been set in motion,
You and I both know this to be true,
Yet again I am at an empass,
Wondering if the one at full swing, is you.

Can you hold me now?
Will you touch me?
Run your hand gently along my cheek?
And not cease it so abruptly?

Where do I rest in your precious heart?
Is it a place you dare not look?
Or perhaps somewhere sacred and whole,
That particular pedistal or nook?

So I say to you again,
Of my emotions, you are the center,
Maybe one day you will cease fighting me,
And to my affections willingly surrender.

mysteriesofme 44F

10/31/2005 5:18 am

<She is speechless because she is biting her thumb in her mouth>

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