"A Soul's Ballad" by MIB  

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11/6/2005 7:14 pm

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"A Soul's Ballad" by MIB

I street walk with music
like how all blood smells clean
in the bad season of winter
as we see that long, endless dream
grow naked and a cloud from above
is like a hot summer flower kissing
her soft, milky skin when it has to dance
through an idea of Life happily.

I street walk with music
like when everyone and everything harmonizes
with that of a dark pixie singing a sweet lullaby
in the shady haze of summer,
as the dead do once they have gone
restlessly from this haunt to the next
and a rock from below is like a cold weeping willow
bending to the will of the gusty wind
when it decides to blow mercilessly in the dead of night.

I street walk with music
like how the prowlers of shadows
drink the blood of their prey
just before the first break of day
and a star from the Heavens is like warm spring water
pushing through petite, rounded pebbles
as they lie at the bottom of a meadow
watching the world go by and by.

I street walk with music
like when the common things
become rare complexities that dissolve
into what were previously known as beautiful...now horrid
and a solitary being is like that of an omnipotent deity
waving its left hand, thus changing all knowledge
from time and space into something that we, mere mortals
could not even begin to comprehend.

I street walk with music
like how most notions seem illogical at birth
in a minor state of regression
as we see that same long, endless dream
grow even more bare
and a drop of rain from the clouds
is like a warm summer breeze
brushing her fine, silky hair when it has to flow
through a wave of air molecules
commonly known as the wind
and she is the force that wields it...


11/17/2005 9:14 am

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