Lesson #1  

Man_in_Maumelle 46M  
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11/29/2005 8:08 pm

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Lesson #1

So - Lesson #1 - it's kinda like writing the first sentence to that great American novel - you want to grab your reader's attention with something new, something exciting, something that that will make them not want to put the book down until 0400 hrs as they read it from cover to cover...so, without further ado...

I am amazed at the lessons of duality in our lives, but especially in my own life - on the one hand, I'm a "clean-cut", respectful, successful professional. Then there is the other side of me - the one that has a membership to AdultFriendFinder, that has erotic IM conversations, that (admittedly) enjoys looking at the voyeuristic videos posted on the site.

If my co-workers, my friends, my family, etc. knew about that second side of me what would they say? What would they think? But, perhaps, the more important question:

"Do I really care? What do I think?"

How much of who we are, or who we portray ourselves as, is based upon what we want other people to think? How much of our lives do we live in duality - the "public" view that our friends and family see, and then the "private" side, that only a few individuals are privvy to...

I propose that even our "blogging" is not immune to this concept - I debated beginning this blog for many days, partly in fear that my postings would not elicit thoughts or responses - that my postings would seem banal and hackneyed - that my postings would become just one of over 500,000 other blogs online that never get looked at...but then I realized that blogging is not about that.

Blogging is about exposing parts of one's psyche to the world - call it therapy, call it ehibitionism, call it whatever you like, but blogging is about opening our minds and expressing our thoughts and comments on what we see in society today...

So - back to that duality concept - is it so bad to have our cake and want to eat it also? Marie Antoinette might have something to say about that!!!

Lesson #1 has now officially ended. I have no idea what my point tonight was - other than I was ready to try blogging out; I have come to look forward to reading one particular blog each day, and actually miss reading her comments when she should miss a day.

Hopefully, one of these days, my ramblings and rants will elicit such a response from others. I could only hope so, but then again, who knows...

Have a wonderful evening!

Until we Blog Again,

cuddlykittenn 42F

11/29/2005 8:35 pm

i started blogging because it made me feel good. i kept blogging because it still made me feel good and because i found out other people do think like me (very few but hey... at least i'm not the only one).
if the only thing that comes from writing your blog is feel better and make a few new friends... then you have gotten more than you bargained for imo.
don't worry, it takes a bit to get readers. just keep writing.

Man_in_Maumelle 46M  
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11/29/2005 9:27 pm

Kittenn, thank you! I agree - blogging is therapy of a sorts in that we don't bottle up our thoughts and feelings - we "journal" them to get them out in the open - and the beauty of today's technology is that we learn that we aren't the only ones who might feel that way! It can be a wonderful thing!!!


ps. - I have to say that you have a beautiful smile! If I should ever venture your way, I would be most honored to see that smile in person over a cup of coffee as we discuss our latest blogging exploits/laughs!!!

SecretKeeperr 48F
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12/7/2005 2:27 am

"Lessons of duality".. hmmmmmm. Profound and intriguing. Something I must ponder for its full meaning. There is something to be said for dualism.. One of matter; the other spirit. I like the way you think.. tortured and content.

SecretKeeperr 48F
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12/30/2005 12:19 am

Blogging is about exposing parts of one's psyche to the world - call it therapy, call it exhibitionism, call it whatever you like, but blogging is about opening our minds and expressing our thoughts and comments on what we see in society today...


chancing upon your thoughts again, since we are liken to be 100% similar for those who care to consider...

I highlighted a section of your blog to, perhaps, enlighten you to something I recently learned of: Blogging is the new rave of attracting an audience. Interesting thought to consider. Audience for what? From a writer's point of view, it appears to be the means to advertise, or tease, readers into wanting more. So much more in fact they'd be willing to request, and pay for, signed copies of "published on demand" rantings. This came to me via an expert of public relations with regard to psychological motivations. I found it most intriguing. I wanted you to know, that you may be on to something here worth keeping... Who knows, maybe you'll send me an autographed copy of your famous works? Hmmmmm...

Looking it at this way does give the whole prospect a new twist of adventure. Does it not?

I was asked what is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. Under the circumstances, it would have been entirely inappropriate to say. ::wicked grin:: However, the second primal need within me was to write. The words flow without reason or rhyme, questioning time, circumstances, meaning.. Profundities (I love this word) as I like to think of too many thoughts, and not enough time to make reason of them all.

The next questions was: "What is the last thing you think about at night. Again, it is less then a thought and more of a need to; something I must do, in one way or another. Well, as with the morning rituals, I kept the first thought to myself, it was the second reality of my needs that brought me back to this essence of me... Expression of thoughts. So much to say, and to whom? So many books in my head, unread for the lack of having written them. The titles are brilliant; best sellers in my mind. And, when bounced off of others, the reaction is of the kind that would confur.

If what you desire to do morning, noon, and night, then I'd consider joining an anonymous group, for your addition to.... ::giggling:: Wait.. getting off track here. It's the second thing, we compulsively need to do. That's what we have done here, in our blogging. :: grins::

Seriously, if writing your thoughts follows you like a stalker, then it is fair to say that writing is what you should do. To blog, or not to blog is not the question. If your thoughts demand time on a page, and threaten you with emptiness, or worse, stalking your every moment if you deny them --then writing is what you are called to do.

Blog On..


bhuddilicious 50F
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9/10/2006 11:12 am

Duality indeed. On the one hand I'm content to be married and continue to try to make it work despite an almost total lack of sex; and on the other I've spent now several hours surfing around to eventually end up here. Your the first profile I checked out after joining AdultFriendFinder.

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