Is this site all about 3 sums and sex with many partners?  

Mamacat56 60F
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7/12/2006 9:04 am

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11/27/2006 8:51 am

Is this site all about 3 sums and sex with many partners?

Tell me how you feel about this!

Chuckk48 60M
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7/12/2006 1:33 pm

I can honestly say "not for me it isn't". I can also honestly say "that's not because I don't want it to be, it's just because it isn't" LOL

Mamacat56 60F

7/12/2006 3:22 pm

Chuckk48......To each his own , and if thats what one is looking for may your wishs come true!
But for me ...all I need is ONE good man!!

rm_WIENER59 57M
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7/12/2006 10:24 pm

Mamacat,you can call me naive but when, I first came on this site 14 months ago, I had so much going on in my life all,I was looking for was a friend and nothing more, I find it hard to just jump in bed with just any woman; I, did that when I was young and dumb, and now I have many regrets, for doing so, because we are no longer friends, let along look each other in the eyes, all trust was lost!! We should have taken the time to know each other better as friends an to get to know each other fears and short coming, we all have things we'll never tell to someone, there has to be total TRUST, between each other!!!!!!!! ps: THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION, ABOUT 3 SUMS AND MANY SEX PARTNERS MAY HOLD TRUE FOR SOME, ALL I EVER WAS LOOKING FOR WAS A FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

royaloakian 57M
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7/13/2006 10:00 am

My little Goddess of Yum:
I guess it depends on the individual.I can't say I'm adverse to three sums-but..give me a good woman who can reciprocate the passion & I'm right as rain. BTW/..have I told you how sexy you are lately?

Guitars RULE!!!

Mamacat56 replies on 7/13/2006 6:31 pm:
Royal...... I think the same way if one man could give me what I want and need ..a caring ..loving yup I love a guy that takes charge!!
Yes my sweet royal you have told me!

Chuckk48 60M
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7/13/2006 12:06 pm

Don't take my sarcasm to seriously Mamacat, I imagine if I put more effort into this site I could achieve those kind of results (then again on the other hand maybe not). But I don't, it's that old "careful what you wish for" thing.

HammyNoxalDiary 63M
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7/13/2006 1:39 pm

To each his own - or should I say "to all their own"? As for me, I'd rather focus on pleasing one woman who is focused on me without some 3rd party focused on breaking our focus by trying to foc us.

Then again, I'll try anything once. How about a 5 sum: me, you, myself, yourself, and I?

Mamacat56 replies on 7/13/2006 6:48 pm:
danaman4u......well said!!!! And your funny too!

rm_dragonheat23 51M
1158 posts
7/13/2006 1:49 pm

I can't speak for everyone, but I don't want a threesome or multiple sex partners. A twosome with one awesome partner would be enough for me.

Mamacat56 replies on 7/13/2006 6:33 pm:
dragonheat23 .... ...I agree with you

Mamacat56 60F

7/13/2006 6:09 pm

wiener ..... never have regrets ... what you lost must have never been yours in the first place! You know very well how I feel about trust. I think alot of men want a 3 sum and I can't blame them , every man should try it once or twice ... but as a life style its not for me!!

Hydragenias 56F

7/13/2006 6:29 pm

I don't believe it is. I think a lot of people DO believe it is though. For me, I'm just looking for that ONE GOOD, no, GREAT MAN!

Mamacat56 replies on 7/13/2006 6:44 pm:
Hydragenias ....Yup just one great man!!! ONE!

Hydragenias 56F

7/13/2006 7:17 pm

Unfortunately, I don't think he exists. At least not a single one, LOL

Mamacat56 replies on 7/13/2006 7:34 pm:
Hydragenias ....Yes there are many good ones out there! Men have a fear of love!

royaloakian 57M
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7/14/2006 5:29 am

MamaCat: I agree with 1HardAzz. Not ALL men do. I assure you this...when I find the right one...she will be one happy woman, because candidly? I just want a good woman to love & love me back. I know-LOL-ROYAL said this?

Guitars RULE!!!

Mamacat56 replies on 7/15/2006 9:19 am:
Royal.....Omg yes I am shocked to see what you responded!!! lol Just kidding ...I have gotten to know you in the last few months, our chats on the phone I am well aware of what kind of man you are! You have your life in order and you know what comes first in your life !
You are one fabulous guitarist...and hey your singing isn't bad either! signed GODDESSofYUM

royaloakian 57M
155 posts
7/16/2006 4:16 am

My little Goddess of Yum: thank you on the comments on my musical prowress. As a 5 year old boy in 1964, I saw the Beatle's debut on Sullivan on a 13' black & white TV with my parents. I knew even then what I wanted to be.The singing thing is still new for me-the band said I "looked like a singer" so voila!!! I still view my role in Spawn the Dog as the guy who plays guitar like a weapon. And I thank God every day I took the time to be a guitarist..& Brother 1 Hard-you will too!!!! My motivation? 50 % was because I worship Alice Cooper-the other 50%? So I could meet women like you....

Guitars RULE!!!

Mamacat56 replies on 7/16/2006 9:22 pm:
Royal...Omg I too remember that night in front of the T.V! With my dad saying I'll be damned if any of my daughters bring home anything like that!! lol
Your love of music is why you takes time and talent !
The GODDESSofYUM is blushing ......for your comment !

smut_bear_2469 55M

7/23/2006 8:49 am

mama, i joined this site over a year ago in hopes of finding a woman who enjoys sex as much as i all reality ive been a member of AdultFriendFinder on and off for about 10 years. the funny thing is i have met some great people, and right now i am talking to a young lady who i hope will be everything i need and want in a woman. i do enjoy having a 3some once in a while but its not required. i know what you mean about the chat room tho, thats why i am now just a lerker...LOL

Mamacat56 replies on 7/24/2006 6:51 am:
smut.....WOW 10 years!!! I too have met some great people on here . And the 3 sum thing I have tried and was not for me, I like the one on one way to much ...maybe its my age I just can not share myself or the man I am with. I have been married a long time and my husband has wanted a few different things and I was always happy to do them for him , he has one dream I can not do for him and I told him many many times to go do it!! As for the chat room I will pop in once in a while to say hello , but it just gets a little to crazy in there!!
Smut good luck with your lady friend{=}

michiganmike196 46M

7/25/2006 7:37 am

Well, after traveling the world - being married at one time for almost 13 years. Yea I sowed my oats after getting divorced and got caught up in a couple 3sums. Each time it was initiated by the women - not me!! And yes I did enjoy those few times, and great memories. Now the question of sharing that with somebody I have TRUE feelings for - don't think I could do it, feeling get hurt and jealousy happens - its Natural for that to happen. So, be as it may fun at the time. I'd rather have the one one - with one I'm Mentally connected too, and breaking headboards with her.

Mamacat56 replies on 7/25/2006 9:51 am:
Mike....You nude snow boarding man what street do you live on? Just kidding! I agree with you , I couldn't do it now either ...maybe because of my age I don't know? And I can only have sex with a man I care for! OMGGGGG am I getting boring? Ok tell me about the headboard breaking thing! And how many have you broken? lol

Sultrybrunett38D 47F

7/25/2006 8:33 am

I myself am not looking for 3-somes & groups or multiple/many partners, so when someone approaches me, and that is on their profile I generally say, "Hey, we're not looking for the same thing." Invariably, I get the email reply, "I'm not really INTO that, I just put it on my profile because I think about it." For me, it's gotten too hard to sort out who is honest and who is not about what they are looking for (why say "I'm looking for groups or 3-somes" if you aren't?), and I'm sick of getting manipulated answers (telling me what you think I MIGHT want to hear that might increase your chances of getting me to meet you, or hop in bed with you). I guess my answer is, for me, AdultFriendFinder is NOT about 3-somes and groups, one nighters, or to collect dozens of sex partners; as for what most others here want (well, the men anyway) who KNOWS because most won't be honest about it - which is a shame, you'd think you'd see more honest expression on a site that is supposed to be sexually "open" with something for everyone...LOL

Mamacat56 replies on 7/25/2006 11:24 am:
Sultrybrunett38D ...You are so right ...this being a sex / swingers site why can't men be more honest? The emails I get are about the same ..when I reply with sorry I'm seeing someone they come back with ...don't tell him! Its just not in my nature to be with more then one man . Thanks for giving your view!

bipolybabe 55F

7/26/2006 11:53 pm

I'm not very interested in threesomes myself. I'm often approached by couples, but unless the woman is as bi as I and I'm attracted to both people, I've found it's unlikely to be satisfying for me.

I have been successful, though, in using this site to find smart, sexually interesting men for ongoing, non-monogamous relationships.

I have not been successful in meeting bi women through this site, but I haven't worked very hard at it.



Check out my blog Bi-Poly-Babe for more sensual, sexual pleasure!

Mamacat56 60F

7/27/2006 9:25 am

bipolybabe .... I get a lot of mail from bi ladies and coulpes too man is all I need ! In todays world its not a good idea for 3 sums and many partners there are to many STD's out there , safe sex is not always safe!

michiganmike196 46M

7/30/2006 5:31 am

I live off sundial -
Breaking headboards and few holes in walls or dents where a head hit it.
Honestly, I always love a different place - spontanous or haven't you figured that out. Did have manager of hotel tell us to keep it down, I mean how was I to know a the room next door was full of 14 year old boys on a traveling hockey team - funny thing was didn't get a complaint from the kids room it was the parents room across the hall. I hope we entertained them for a few hours. Best part was when the 3 of us went to bfast the next morning and kept getting glares from the mom's and mental high 5's from the dads.

Mamacat56 60F

7/30/2006 12:09 pm

Mike .....holes in the walls?? ouch! Yes I have figured you out, but meeting at starbucks is not spontaneous ! Unless ....I happen to see you in a store ....a gas station... or if I hear ohhhhh..... michiganmike from the walls of a hotel. But that would make it a 4 sum now wouldn't it?

michiganmike196 46M

7/31/2006 3:09 pm

All about the spontanous ones, but I'll admit already knowing what I know of you. You'd be an awesome friend first and foremost. I'll take a great friend anyday - first and foremost over a casual lover. And I know you agree with me on that. Think my biggest goal in life is to finally make myself happy, took me awhile to figure out I was making everyone else happy and forgot about myself. And, as you said its fun to make friends and keep in contact with on here - you and I both know in the GR area people play all nice and DAMN those heathens in public but are realy freaks behind closed doors. I lived in holland for awhile OMG - thats a blog in its self. But, you rock darling, so wonder where those sophisticated ladys are now mmmmmmmmmmm.
Oh, forgot to mention I'm a helluva cook so if you do know any wonderful ladies in htis area.


Mamacat56 replies on 8/1/2006 1:42 pm:
Mike... You my dear man are an awesome friend to me ! Hey what do you know about me? Who told you what? lol
Friends make the best lovers ..if you can't talk ..joke around..laugh over stupid jokes you really don't have any business jumping into bed with him or her. As for casual lovers how does that work? Sounds like a booty call ! I know what you mean about Mike sweetie you rock ! If I find a lady I will let you know but I'm telling you there is only one MMMMMMMM...MAMACAT!

rm_marnisway 85F
5018 posts
7/31/2006 9:38 pm

it's not that my curiosity isn't there...
my realization that..."OMg..." wheres that thing been...or ...who's lost count.
maybe a wee bit old fashioned in that direction.


Nothing is ever the same... when it comes to pleasures.

with a hint....the erotic senses will manifest into an abounding mess of flesh

the mind needs fulfillment of the body

if it feels good is good

I've done it again...*S*

Mamacat56 replies on 8/1/2006 1:43 pm:
marnisway ... That is a very scary thought for me!

lee_nightrider 45M/45F

8/1/2006 5:22 am

hmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting. All the posts on people looking for love.
Am I the only one who signed up for this sight looking for swinging.
Even years ago when I was on this sight it was for swinging.
There are two sights. AdultFriendFinder and Friendfinder. So I always assumed that the Adult one was for swingers and such.
Which I still believe it is, since it advertises that way. In fact I just looked. AdultFriendFinder, worlds largest sex sight for swingers and couples.
Now I don't care that there are people looking for love here and not interested in meeting, or in meeting just for sex or swinging.
I am open and love everyone so I am willing to except you types too.
So yes this sight is all about 3 somes and sex with many partners.
But as you can see, great people like you and your friends make it about more than that!!

Mamacat56 replies on 8/1/2006 2:02 pm:
lee_nightrider ....Yes there are people looking for love on here ! But my point is if your going to be with more then one person ...Don't lie and say your only seeing one...just so you can have sex with a person you find attractive at the moment !
As you can see I have chatted with many and made great friends on here and would never ever think of having sex with them! 3 sums are great if thats what you want ...but be honest about it with your partner don't you think?

lee_nightrider 45M/45F

8/1/2006 4:59 pm

Go back and read the comments. I think the swingers were the ones getting put down from those comments. AS I SAID - I love everyone and don't really care why your here. I am glad your here.
But don't look down on us who are looking for some good old fashioned meaningless sex. Because this site is for swingers,
there is a site for even wilder people than swingers called ALT.
There is a site for everything you can think of here.
Sorry if my before 8am language offended you. As you can notice I couldn't even make my brain function enough to call it a SITE!(not sight)
I am not being mean your bashing, so please don't look at it that way. This site should be willing to accept all, married, swingers, virgins, hopeless romantics, looking for love etc. Which I think it does.
Mama your right, Honesty is so important. You can't tell someone your looking for your one true love and then go out with everyone have sex and leave never to be seen again.
We have met people here that are our friends, lovers and sometimes become even closer than that.

So my question is- Can you be a swinger and not have sex with anyone unless you love them? (tough one huh?)

Mamacat56 replies on 8/1/2006 6:21 pm:
lee_nightrider.....I'm at a point in my life that no I can not have sex with someone that I don't care for! Sure we all see people that we are attracted too but to jump into bed with them ...nope ...NO CAN DO!! There is no greater joy to me then pleasing the ONE man I am with...being a swinger is not my style . I have known many and they get very jealous, usual the man!! Not a tough one for me ...

lee_nightrider 45M/45F

8/1/2006 8:40 pm

Thanks HardAzz, Don't worry if you came on to strong, your just a hardazz anyway (SMILE). I made the post look crazy with that huge font. I was just trying to make it bigger not HUGE!
Here are some thoughts about my lifestyle
I am a swinger
Sometimes I swing
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes when I sleep with someone I am swinging. Sometimes it isn't.
It is just a part of me, just like being a sister, mother, friend.
I don't think it will ever go away completely.
Sometimes I wish it would. But then I always call it back when I miss it.
The first time I really did anything "swinging" was with a married couple who hadn't slept with anyone else in 20 yrs of marriage.
I found them on a phone chat line. The women wanted to be with a woman and the man want to watch and be with a woman too.
I was single and recently divorced. I had no romantic love in my life at that time.
I never felt so wonderful as I did that night laying between that husband and wife....... sharing their love. They gave their love to each other through me, with me and shared it with me.
Sometimes when I am with some people I think, There is no way God would think all this love is wrong.

Oh yeah there are other times when I just sleep with someone, and that is great too.

Will someday I post somewhere, I want one man to be truely in love with and only be with him for the rest of my life.
But today is not that day.

BTW: Nice Body (wanna fuck???????) LMAO

Mamacat56 replies on 8/1/2006 10:08 pm:
lee_nightrider....I just read what you wrote....they shared there love through you? They shared sex not love!! Now you sound like you were in love with everyone you had sex with....I know you said you LIKE everyone ...but I'm saying LOVE! God and love your right...but God and sex?? I hope your we really know?

lee_nightrider 45M/45F

8/1/2006 10:21 pm

Nope, I was the one there. They shared their love.
No way have I been in love with everyone I had sex with.
aaahhhhhhhhhh well, I give up. I don't think I can make you understand my feelings. I am not asking you to change your feelings just understand where I am coming from.
I guess being a swinger can even be wrong on a swingers site.
How sad!
We will have to just agree to disagree until we can understand each others lives and feelings.

Please undertand Mama, I am not trying to be mean to you on your own blog, I just wanted to state how I felt.
Good Bye

Mamacat56 60F

8/2/2006 7:18 am

lee_nightrider .....I understand you! The first time you have sex with someone , it is just sex! What you should have said was they shared there sex with you...something new and exciting! Like I said before I do know swingers and (introduced to me by my husband) none of them are no longer married and the couples that were not married are no longer together. Swinger lifestyle is a nice way of saying I want to have sex with anyone and everyone I can , sure it works for people because you don't have to see them again if you wish not too!
Being married for 29 years can and did get boring...believe me I tried everything to spice it up ...the man just wants it when HE wants it! After a few years of pleasing myself I am on this site not to swing.. wasn't looking for love.
LEE....I like your entries you are welcome anytime...others views are important to me!

lee_nightrider 45M/45F

8/2/2006 7:43 am

I believe you can have sex with someone and feel the love inside of them and not be in love with them. I don't think there is anyone way to describe love. I feel bad that you only is it one way but I am glad I see it the way I do. I wouldn't be the person I am if I didn't.
That is my opinion.
Yours is the sex is just sex.
We have 2 different opinions. NEITHER is wrong.

Mamacat56 60F

8/2/2006 8:54 am

lee_nightrider ....Your right neither of us are wrong!!! lee..Love stinks!!!

rm_elite682006 48M

8/9/2006 2:54 am

MAMACAT: "I think alot of men want a 3 sum and I can't blame them , every man should try it once or twice ..."

With the above comment, I thank you very much for relieving me of my guilt!! Upon reading the first few comments of this blog, I was initially guilt-ridden thinking that I was a headonistic pervert. All this talk about, "all I need is one good man" and "I'd rather focus on pleasing one woman" made me wonder, "God, why did you make me this way!!!!"

Then, with one consice and permissive statement, you took the yoke of guilt from my shoulders and replaced it with the excitement of hope! With your gentle permission, Mamacat, I shall continue looking for that one (and only one, mind you) 3-some to engage in. Then and only then will my sex life be complete....sigh

Mamacat56 replies on 8/9/2006 7:05 am:
elite682006 .....You should never feel guilt! Now let me say if you are seeing someone and you don't tell her and you run out and do the 3 sum without talking to her about it ...thats what I find sooooo wrong! God made us all sexually beings, every man should have his yours is a 3 sum?

rm_elite682006 48M

8/9/2006 9:08 am

Actually, I have a few fantasies - but yes, a 3some is probably near the top of the list. I have been close to acheiving that fantasy goal 2 times, but fate intervened. (those were 2 distinct situations - fun stories in themselves!) One other fantasy I had, I tasted 2 years ago, but that was the only time it has happened since - anal sex!

By the way, I hope you are able to discern the difference between my "dripping sarcasm" and reality.

Mamacat56 replies on 8/9/2006 9:01 pm:
elite682006 ...Reality is all I know , my life is to busy to live inside this box!A taste of anal sex hmmm a strange way of putting that!How was it? I like to taste things but not that! lol

rm_elite682006 48M

8/10/2006 5:53 am

Yaah, ok, bad choice of words there. "Taste and "anal sex" should NEVER be in the same sentence together! lol Call me a prude, but I am definitely NOT into asshole licking! UUghhhh! And believe me, after the anal sex, I practiced good hygeine ahbits afterwards by taking a shower with my partner. But, I digress.
Anyway, you mentioned you like to taste things. OK, curiosity killed the siamese cat. WHAT do you like to taste???

Mamacat56 replies on 8/12/2006 10:34 pm:
elite.....Your statement made me laugh know some men like that kind of shit !! lol No pun intended! What is it that I like to taste??? Well I'm no continuer.....but I know what taste great! lol

sexysmirk4unow 38M/40F

8/10/2006 7:46 am

Here is a different opinion. I myself have NO desire for many partners. I dont think that is wise at all. And not really all that fun.

On the 3some thoughts though. I am married and bi. If I am going to play, I most definataley would like him there. I dont want to do that by myself.

I guess I am on here looking for a 3some but with only one partner long time. It is hard to find a woman who desires the same.

Mamacat56 replies on 8/10/2006 8:35 am:
sexy ...are you trying to entice me?

sexysmirk4unow 38M/40F

8/10/2006 10:40 am

I would try. But I am pretty sure it wouldnt succeed. Would love to know if there is a chance at all though!!!

sexysmirk4unow 38M/40F

8/11/2006 11:35 am

    Quoting sexysmirk4unow:
    I would try. But I am pretty sure it wouldnt succeed. Would love to know if there is a chance at all though!!!
Does you not resonding to above mean that there is about a zero chance of success?

Mamacat56 replies on 8/12/2006 10:36 pm:
sexy ....I'm just a blogger now ! But good luck neighbor!! {=}

rm_rjone491 54M

8/12/2006 1:04 pm

I have tried threesomes. Didn't do much for me. There is a differenc between sex and making love. If you just want sex and a threesome, then whatever floats your boat. Me I rather make love to the person I am with Love dosen't stink if you know and are willing to learn to keep it alive. Personally I will do whatever it takes to keep love alive, except share my lovemaking with another.

Mamacat56 replies on 8/12/2006 10:43 pm:
rjone491 .....Yes I agree with you it is wonderful to make love BUT it is also nice to get down right naughty to with your got to mix that shit up sometimes..Maybe its just me ? I have a hunger to be spanked sometimes ..ok a lot
And to answer your question to your email ! No I do not!

rm_rjone491 54M

8/13/2006 6:44 am

Well I agree, thats how you keep it alive.

Mamacat56 replies on 8/13/2006 7:15 am:
rjone491 ....No that was how I tried to keep it alive ....It didn't work! My hubby is a sports nut the man will watch any and I mean any sport on tv. One day I thought ok he will be home soon I will unplug the tv in the bedroom and be dressed sooooooo sexy he could not resist well.....he came home I met him at the door , he looked at me and said niceeeeee and made a beeline for the bedroom !Well it wasn't for me, it was to watch a game on the tv ... to make a long story short he went to the store and bought a new one !

rm_rjone491 54M

8/13/2006 2:04 pm

Thats one man mama. Believe it or not there are still a few good ones out there. The inside beauty of a woman is what turns me on, but the sexy clothes is just icing on the cake.

rm_rjone491 54M

8/13/2006 7:06 pm

If a man choses a sporting event over making love with a good looking woman he is either impotant, gay, or having an affair. After 29 years I would pick the later.

Mamacat56 replies on 8/13/2006 7:42 pm:
rjone491 ....Oh there is indeed something wrong ...nothing I can post here. I have asked him many times if he had someone the answer was ...

rm_rjone491 54M

8/14/2006 6:35 am

Of course he said no... Thats what cheating men do.
If it is physical and is to embarassed to ask for the little blue pill, then he cares not for you. If he is gay..well your screwed.....errr

Mamacat56 replies on 8/14/2006 6:50 pm:
rj.....The only thing he lies about is what time hes coming home...15 mins turns into the next day and I know what the man is doing...and thats not being with another woman. ...unless shes doing the same thing he is ...oh well if so I don't care ..hes a big boy!

Sultrybrunett38D 47F

9/25/2006 2:43 pm

I used to be very anti-3 some, now, I'm in the mood for a little exploration, so I might consider it. Problem is, I'd never find 2 men who fit the bill of what I'm looking for...I can't even find one..! I certainly hope I did not waste my 19.95!!!

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