A Meeting Example...  

Malfean28 38M
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7/3/2006 10:23 am
A Meeting Example...

Picture this... We agree to meet at a decent low-key bar, lets say... The Uptowner in Milwaukee. You arrive dressed in your typical comfortable manner. I am already there. Sitting at the bar in blue jeans and a form fitting white t-shirt, you can see the tattoos on my arms that are not viewable in my picture online. I'm looking forward or down at the beer I am nursing, I might be smoking a cigarette with the pack curled up in my sleeve. You notice on my clean shaven face a pair of glasses. You come over and sit next to me and I recognize you from your picture. We have some small talk. Politics? Current Events? Great philosophical questions? Sex? Anything is fair game. I buy you a drink of your choice. I complement you on your clothes ask you about your hobbies but am sure to not ask too much personal information you might not want to divulge. You volunteer what you wish, even your real name. Discretion is paramount. Do we go somewhere after this? Become friends? Or do you decide you wish to remain strangers? I entered with no expectation and leave with none. What's your move?

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