Intelligence vs. Illiteracy  

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5/18/2006 3:42 pm
Intelligence vs. Illiteracy

*snickers and giggles*
Well, while we are still searching for a few good friends for Joshua we found something out. If we wanted to go on webcam, in a three way conversation, just to talk to and get to know a person a little better, we could not do this on MSN. So we decided that I would make my own personal profile on here, JrzyKat, so that we could enter an empty chatroom, and all start up our webcams there.
Sounds like a pretty logical solution, yes? Well, when I first made it, I had posted my location as my current location, which is (sadly) still in the United States. *rolls her eyes* Regardless of the fact that I stated clearly in it that I was looking for a woman for my fiancee in Toronto, I received a number of emails from men and women in my current location. So I then changed my geographical location to match his - and sent a letter to customer sevice to make sure I wasn't violating any Terms of Service by doing so. I'm still waiting for a response. Now, after doing that, I received some emails from men and couples that were looking for a woman. *rolls eyes* While my short check boxes say "I am a woman, looking for a woman" if they bothered to read my "Ideal Person" block, I thought it was pretty clear that I was looking for a woman FOR Joshua. So I went back, and in big, bold letters, tried to make it clearer. I wish they had the 'swapping style' check box for individual profiles as well as couples profiles, so I could check "He only" so there'd maybe be less confusion. Speaking of which, I'm going to go make sure that's checked on this profile now. Anyways, enough babble.
haha I lied. More babble. We have found one very awesome woman on this site, that he was able to meet in person, and a couple awesome women that we've exchanged some email with. However for the most part, it seems like most people on here just "talk the talk" as opposed to "walking the walk". It's a little disappointing. Because of this fact, I'm pretty sure we're going to drop down to a "Standard" membership once our gold month expires on the 25th. Ok, now I'll stop babbling.

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