Part 1 of how I fucked a Filopino lady in front of her Turkish husband  

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11/13/2005 2:23 am

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Part 1 of how I fucked a Filopino lady in front of her Turkish husband

I never had made phone sex until contact with this lady, , 5 years ago. I had got 2 profiles on different sex contact web sites. One of them attracted interest but nothing much happened. One or two were perhaps time wasters. May be I was being picky.

Then I received an email from a couple. They found my profile on AdultFriendFinder. I had said in my profile that I enjoyed giving massage with oil. The wife was a filopino lady and the husband was Turkish and staying temporarily in the country.

It seemed that the husband had a problem with premature ejaculation or at least spunking off way too soon to keep his wife satisfied. I said that I had the opposite problem of taking a long time to come and that previous girlfriends used to get too sore before shooting my wad.

The wife, Anne, was impressed by my 'bold' pictures of me sporting a raging hard on. I was rewarded with one of her lovely, smooth arse taken by a web cam in what looked to be a library.

Eventually, I phoned her up. I was very nervous as I had never done this before. The lady seemed very happy that I phoned up. She was with her husband in the room as she spoke. There was a lot of moaning going on in the background. This was becasue they were both undressed and watching a porn film together. She explained the problem with her husband and he was willing to admit this. Ann kept asking me when she would be able to see me as she lived hundreds of miles away in the north of England.

Her husband kept saying things in th background like, 'She needs more cock!'
Anne liked the idea of a massage with oil. She liked to be able to glide over my body whilst rubbing the other person.
She kept asking,'What are you doing' whilst we spoke. I kept saying,'I'm looking up at the ceiling' which I was, but I was also stroking my hardon. She then just kept telling me,'I want to feel your cock inside me, going in and out, in and out, in and out whilst I grab your bottom'. She kept telling me this as I told her how I would nibble and suck on her breasts whilst shafting her cunt.Whilst she was telling me this, she was wanking her husband who was getting excited by listening to her wife talking like a cock-hungry slut. He came very quickly and she sounded disappointed. But as I had been wanking for ages, I had shot my wad as well.

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