What shuould I do??  

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12/29/2005 2:05 am

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What shuould I do??

Calling Guys and gals of AdultFriendFinder land.

My previous posts will tell you what had recently happened to me.

I have been too busy to pen down the events as they happened. So many things have happened. My wife had found out about my little adventure with love. How?? long story to tell.

There have been explosions, the works. Sometimes I am amazed at my luck.

Anyway, I am falling for this girl really fast. From what I had heard from her she had silently fallen for me even much longer than me. I believe her cause now recalling back everything she said seems to fit.

We had dated a few times outside the office. Had a few hours together to discuss our feelings. Her feelings were strong but had been contained.

Technically, this relationship is 1 1/2 years old cause we already know each other that long.

I like her calm personality and never once confrontational with anyone in the office.

The opinion I am looking for is: what should I do.

Before you all give your opinions take note that for 17 years I had been living a life of a drifter. By that I mean, deep inside me I have been drifting silently. Nobody, including my wife could guess that what had happened 17 years ago has made me very lonely.

I would occupy my brains with work so that I do not slip into depression.

I am beginning to ask myself if this is my 2nd chance to happiness....

Have anybody gone thru this before??...Tell me your experience...

What I just described above is only a glimpse of my actual life.

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