It has been one hell of a week  

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12/8/2005 4:55 pm

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It has been one hell of a week

I have been too busy to pen down the events here for the last.

Wow!! it has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. One moment I was floating in air the next I was floored to ground.

After the initial hug and kisses, we were both trying very hard to put a straight face in the office. Many times right in the middle of an instruction to her I'd pause, stare at her face and utter words like "My knees are melting" or "Sorry my mind just wandered off somewhere"..She'd smile and her smile would make the situation worst.

So the next day I was hoping for a repeat performance in the office, that is, hugs and kisses after everybody leaves.

I'd notice everybody finishing off their day's work and started to leave. She was still continuing her work, looking busy. After the last person had left I went to her desk and she just stood there waiting to see what will happen. As I was about to raise my arms to hug her, we heared the main office door opened and I had to quickly disappear back to my office. It was one the staff and he mumbled something like forgetting his car keys. But this guy after getting his car keys decided to stay on and chat a little with us. You know that feeling where you want someone to leave but you have to put up this polite smile and pretending to follow his conversations.

So when we both had given up on the chance on being alone for while, I packed my stuffs and so did she. We both left together leaving him in the office. Walking towards the lift, I felt a little despaired.

The lift arrived, we both went in, no one in the lift. As I was mumbling something to her, I felt both her hands on my face pulling me and kissing me.

When the lift opened, we both left, I must have been blushing cause I could feel it on my face. Went into my car and had to take a few moments to re-compose myself.

Have to stop now...need to work...will continue later...

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