Angeles 19th20th21st August 2005  

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8/28/2005 8:03 pm

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Angeles 19th20th21st August 2005

Angeles 19th 20th 21st August 2005

Hi Again

Well we have just returned from another great weekend in Anmgeles.

We met with 2 guys both named Jim so called the first guy JW. He

was a nice gentleman and joined us at our hotel on friday about

10am. Jasmine and Brian was in the pool when he arrived so we had a

shower and got to know him better. He was well endowed so jasmine

took no time in getting his cock in her mouth. as you know by now

Jasmine loves sucking cock and a new one is greeted with relish. We

soon had JW liucking her pussy and she was sucking brians cock.

From then on we swopped and changed taking turns to have cocks

sucked and fucked. After about an hour JW was ready to give her a

load of cum so pulled out of Jasmines pussy to move to her face

where she had her mouth open wide waiting for a load. She did not

have to wait long before JW cum over her face and in her eager

mouth. Before she was allowed to swallow we took some pics of her

with cum on her face and around her mouth. Eventually Jasmine was

allowed to suck it all into her mouth and swallow her first load of

the weekend. JW is always welcome to give her a load anytime we

are in Angeles.

After that we had a rest and showered ready to meet the second Jim.

he was here on holiday from Korea so made us very welcome treatting

us both to lunch. Thanks Jim much appreciated. Well after meeting

and chatting over lunch he invited us to his room which was very

nice. Jim is a guy that LOVES to eat pussy and was very happy with

Jasmines saying it was the sweetest he had ever tasted. He was

eating for a long time and jasmine cum at least twice so she was

most pleased. especially as she had Brians cock to suck at same

time. we then swaped around taking turns to fuck her or have our

cocks sucked. jasmine reconds the best is haveing a cock in her

pussy and another in her mouth. She wants to have a third in her

arse as well one day so she is a triple adapter HEHEHE. Jimwas the

perfect host supplying us with some cold water to keep the action

going. Eventually he could take no more and whilst fucking Jasmine

started to cum. Well what a surprise he is a sreamer which

surprised us both but made jas very happy to see such a expresion

of pleasure. She then sucked and lick his cock perfectly clean

Brian then just had to fuck her with cum in her mouth and cum in

her pussy it wasw too much excitment and he cum in her pussy as

well making it 1 min mouth and 2 in cunt. After that we all

collapsed and had a rest. jim started to feel horny again so had

another session licking with her pussy. So thanks to Jim Jasmine

was well satisfied for the day and we just had some dinner late

evening and visited a couple of bars before calling it a night.

Saturday started with a friend coming around to enjoy Jasmine on

his own whilst Brian just ebjoyed the sun by the pool. Sometimes it

is nice to have Jasmine just pleasure a visiting guy like the good

girl she is. She was ready this time for him and was dressed in

stockings and suspenders with legs wide open as we know he also

loves to lick her pussy for a long time. "H" made he very happy for

the rest of the day. he is always welcome and we are sure that he

will cum again on the next weekend we are in Angels.

If you want to join us then email us and lets arrange it ok.

Well Saturday was spent doing some things for us like getting some

computer programs and have dinner at a great intalion resturant

with the best pizza Brian has tasted in Philippines. That evening

we went looking for a girl to join us and visited some bars with no

luck. We was about to go home when we decided to try a bar

suggested by "H" The Bar hopping Bar. To our wonderful surprise

there was 3 girls there that enjoyed girls so we chose 1 as we

cannot afford more and returned to our hotel. WOW what a great girl

called Mi Mi she looked after us both very well and LOVED Jasmines

pussy so much that she would have stayed allight makeing love to

her. But she had to go so we hope next week she will stay longer

and we can enjoy her again and again.

Well that was our weekend in Angeles and we shall return again on

the weekend of 2nd 3rd 4th September. Again if you want to join us

contact us.

Love to all the wonderful people we have chatted to here and

especially the wonderful people we have met.

Brian & Jasmine

rmcranaman69 39M
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8/29/2005 2:26 pm


Silver1995 60M/41F
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8/29/2005 10:45 pm

mhmh an other sexy exciting weekend, wish we would have been there, the two Girls would have turned the heads of the guys.
Two girls with some horney guys, that would be the real turn on.

Guys next time we will join you two, Jas & Myra will have their pussy licked well and with all the guys around they will be fucked well.
Hope to join you two
see ya kisses Myra & Axel

rm_jwman2004 50M

8/30/2005 11:49 pm

Oh my yes, it was a great time with Jasmine and Brian and I will do it again. When I was in the hotel room that Friday morning, Jasmine could not keep her eyes off my hard cock so I stood up and she took my cock out and gave me one of the best blowjobs I ever had, while Brian began fucking her. Then we just kept taking turns until I exploded on her face. Sure hope we can do it again and maybe have a small party with some other guys and gals.

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