21st to 24th July 2005  

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7/24/2005 11:19 pm

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21st to 24th July 2005

Well here we are again haveing just returned frpm Angeles. We had some fun times there and met a couple of guys but no gilrs this time sorry we are disapointed as well. So what happened well not a lot we went to SOB on thursday and Jasmine had her tits out and Brian palyed with her Bum but thats all. The show was exiting and worth watching so go along next time you are there. On friday we did some bar hopping with a friend and Jasmine had a body shot from a girl with great tits so she got to paly a little with them endded up in a faverioute bar where jasmine was stripped completly the girls there liked it and had a good look at her pussy she gave Brian a little cock sucking and a couple of guys watching enjoyed but the Management got a little upset when we tried to fuck as well so next time no full fucking should be ok. On Saturday a friend came to hotel and had Jasmine for 30 minutes just a quicky as his wife was expecting him home. Later we went to dinner and jasmine was wearing a very very short skirt and of course no pantys or bra so when she bent over her arse and pussy was visable we sat at a bar outside and Jasmine opened her legs so huys passing by could see her pussy. As the top was see thru they had a good lok at her tits as well. The vendors kept coming up to sell stuff but looking at Jasmine all the time did not buy anything. On the way home to hotel we had a walk and lifted jasmines skirt right up so she was fully exposed to the people that walked or drove past got a lot of honks on horns and a few comments as well.

Well as you may gues we had some great sex and was very tired the next day when we had to go home. Slept all the way.

Well that was our weekend tell us about yours . or maybe you would like to join us next time if so contact us and lets see ok.

Love to you all Brian & Jasmine

rm_baseballboy6 52M

8/23/2005 7:12 pm

I read your past blog, what is the AH club? dying to know, I've read lots of stories about the clubs in PI and can't wait to get their and try them out.

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