The Ride!  

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7/18/2006 8:32 pm

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The Ride!

So I stood there watching the racers get ready, the dirt bikes all lined up. Awaiting the gun shot. All I can hear is engines revaing up, people already cheering and the one baby cry that sends a sheirk through the crowd. Although no one turned to see where it came from, everyone was focused on the race that was about to start. "BANG" The race was off, it went so fast they made the last lap before I could even figure out who was in the lead, and with all the screaming from the crowd I couldnt hear the intercom. I jumped off the blecher and ran to the winner circle to see who won. "I knew you would win" I shouted as my arms opened for a hug. I was picked up and turned in a circle. "Take off that helmet and kiss me" The crowd took gasp as Sarah took off her helmet. She grabbed me as commanded and massaged all the tension out of my tongue. Oh, you could hear the wishpers. The 20th century and still its shocking to see two women pawning after each other. After the pictures, there was no time to waste, we had a party to get to. Good thing we had a friend willing to drive the hour out of town to get to the sticks, where the party will be until about noon tomorrow. I had some praising that needed to be done to my champ. She looked so hot in her, black tight pants. They hugged her ass so tight that the curve made you wanna just place a hand on each plump check and just hold. The tight white cut off tank top she hide under the bikers jacket, was so inviting. As soon as that jacket came off it was like seeing to perky mounds just asking to be bounced around. I couldn't resist, I slowly placed my hand on that flat stomach, her bright green eyes immedeitly showed the tantalizing side of her that I have always liked. I pointed to the bed of the moving truck, that of course was pulling her bike. She nodded and I one handly opened the small sliding window that leads to the back. Masion shakes his head and laughs,"Have fun ladies, when y'all gonna let me join?"
Ignoring him I climb to the bed of the truck, Sarah shwiftly joined me. Masion shouts, "Y'all forgot the blanket." As Sarah is already half way back through the window to get it. A quick grab and smile to Masion and she was popped out of the window. We were on a paved road for the time, however we knew that the bumbs would appear soon. I layed out the blanket as quickly as I could and she rolled on it as soon as it hit the bed. I didnt waste no time as to praising my champ. I unbuckled her tight pants, pulled them off and threw them in the cab. "Oh, what a surprise no panties!" She smiled as I made the comment. I didnt waste time I wanted to hear her scream. I kissed her, licked my lips and went to town. My tongue slowly licked the right lip teasing the awaiting pussy. Around the clit, flicking it with my tongue ring. I slowly went down her left lip, my tongue sliped in her wet pussy, I slowly cerassed it. I rubbed my hands up and down her smooth legs. Oh, she tasted so good. I slowly started from her pussy to her clit wiggling my tongue back and forth. I sucked on her clit as I slipped my middle finger in her overly warm and juicy pussy. I started slowly fingering her while I was sucking and licking her clit. The truck starts to bounce, we hit the dirt road. I used the bumps as an advantage to her. I kept going at it. My tongue massaged her clit, my finger bounced in and out of her pussy. She started to moan, I was getting to her. I felt her body tighten up. I removed my finger and replaced the space with my tongue. I swirled my tongue around her pussy, she screamed, "Stop, oh your gonna make me cum!" I ignored her request. I felt her hand push my head down, my tongue went deeper, still flicking and spinning. Her legs shooke, she was squirming, her hands everywhere. She gasped for air and let out a shrike of enjoyment. I felt her warm jucies flow out of her into my mouth. I licked her clean, just in time for Masion to pull over. "Are y'all done yet, the party is around the bend." Sarah out of breath slowly nodded. "For now we are" I said, with a delivsh smile. She sat up as Masions tossed her pants at us. "You know that this means I owe you...when do you want it," she winked knowing that I am going to enjoy every minute of her tasting me, before the sun comes up.

Sorry to the spelling mistakes, spell check wasnt working. Will edit and do a spell check asap...Thanks for viewing!

Time4ABreak4Me 41M

7/18/2006 10:09 pm

Let me know if you plan any road trips... I really enjoyed your story, wish I could have been there!!

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