My turn...  

MakinYaHappy3 34F
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7/4/2006 2:26 pm
My turn...

Hmmm you know when you get asked, "If you could have one fantasy filled, what would it be?" Well that gets asked to me alot. I am not sure, due to my past, I have been used to fulfill many fantasies for others. Now I do it by choice, which makes it fun for me. I don't have to wish and want. I just listen and do, make them happy and cum at the same time! Its great!! But I have been having a lot of sexual dreams lately mainly focused around one theme. So when I was asked what fantasy I need filled I thought I would just start going to my dreams. I am a very free spirited person, so my sexual based dreams are off the wall and going to be hard to complete. So I will tell you about a recent one. I have never tied anyone down. I want take a guy and start by leading him into the room, kissing on him. Asking him to trust me. When he says yes than I will grab a silk blindfold, put it around his eyes and gently tie it. I then will guide his head to the pillow. gentle tie his hands to the headboard. I then will begin to kiss down his body starting at his lips. As I am doing that the door will open and a hot woman will bring in a tripod, after the camera is set up, she will wave the other two girls in. She films them walk in and stop by the bed not making a sound and not touching him. At that time the camera gets focused on him and the blow job I am giving to him. I climb up and ride him just for a little bit than I climb off of him and the bed #2 climbs on the bed and does what she wishes, then #3, then #4. After the 4 of us had given him a little bit of 1 on 1 time. We all play with him. In the middle of the play we untie him and take off the blindfold. He is in such ecstasy that he doesn't notice the camera. We finish with all of us drained and ready to shower. We take turns showering and end up in living room relaxing. I get the video and with a smile exclaim that I have a surprise for him. We watch the video and start playing again!

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