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Amazing Mark.
I never really thought I'd find what I was looking for. I just figured it would be fun trying. Then one of my AdultFriendFinder friends introduced me to Mark (not on AF). You'd think someone that well built would be arrogant or cocky (excuse the pun).
He's just plain NICE.
And BIG.

When we got to the hotel, he almost seemed shy. I was more curious than horny but, after he hugged me so tight and kissed me sooooooooooooo well, I was ready for anything.

He wanted to undress me first, but I was not to be denied a look at at what was causing the largest bulge I have ever seen in a pair of jeans. As i pulled down his pants, and saw that marvelous penis, I HAD to put my lips on it right away. I could feel my heart start pounding as I touched it for the first time and felt all that soft warm flesh start to grow and harden in my grasp.
This one was for real.
As i pulled the head into my mouth I felt a sharp twinge of fear. This was TOO big! Then, without even realizing it, i had almost all of him inside me filling my throat, and fear turned to pleasure. I was so lost in the wonderful feeling of him between my lips, i didn't even notice that Mark had removed my blouse and bra and had pulled my on to the bed so that I was on top of him.
When he lifted my head up from his penis to finish removing our clothing, I got my first real good look at what I had been enjoying.
There was no way I could have just done what I did, taking that much of something that large that far down my throat. It should have been impossible. I should have gaged or choked, or at least coughed. I guess lust and desire overcame physical limits.
Before I knew it, I was on my back with the softest, warmest, wettest tongue between my legs that I've had in a long time. I didn't want him to stop, but I wanted to feel him inside me. I grabbed his hair and pulled him up until Ihe got the message. I was so ready from the expectation my orgasm started the instant his penis touched my opening.
When his tongue pushed into my mouth and his lips met mine, and the feeling of being split wide open below all hit me, I nearly passed out. I couldn't control my body. I grabbed the mattress, him, the end table, anything I could to try to steady the waves that were forcing my body into spasms. I couldn't tell if the feelings that massive penis were giving me were pleasure or pain, but i knew i didn't want it to stop. ever.
It seemed like 2 minutes, but the clock said it was 45. Maybe I did black out. Maybe he pushed me into a time warp. But I'd never felt better.

When I could speak, I asked him how I did. Stupid, I know. I felt like I had to "measure up" to him. His smile told me I did.

Then I got "clinical" I wanted to know exactly how much of him I was able to take. He said about 3/4. That wasn't enough. I wanted to go for all of it. Orally and vaginally. The problem orally was not just the length. By the way, this time I brought my tape measure from my sewing kit.
12 1/4 "
The problem was width. While I could swallow the head and most of his glorious shaft, the last 3 inches got so thick, I couldn't open my mouth that wide. When he was softer I could but as soon as it swelled up all the way, no good.

This is where i have to say I LOVE my husband. This was supposed to be a few hour episode, but I wanted to stay unitl I accomplished what I set out to do. Have it all. Mark was willing. A call home to say I wouldn't be home anytime soon, got an "OK, just let me know if you need me to bring you anything". How many husbands would be that understanding of my needs to let me stay with another guy like that. And then offer to help.

Friday afternoon turned into Saturday evening. i was amazed at Mark's endurance and his ability to "recharge" and get hard again tme after time.
3:35 Am Sunday morning.
That's when Mark was finally able to insert himself into me all the way to his abdomen. That was when i felt feeling inside of me that i'll never feel again. there's only one First Time for everything. By then I was out of orgasms, but that feeling was every bit as satisfying.
I can usually sleep 8 hours, but I was up with the first light through the windows. The first sensation that hit me was that my legs were so stiff, I couldn't get out of bed. My abdomen had a mildly pleasurable throbbing to it, as if I'd just gotten a great massage. Boy, did I! Inside and out!
When I rolled over and saw Mark beside me, he had a "morning hard-on" like i'd never seen before. Now was my chance to accomplish phase 2. finding a way to swallow every inch of him, thickness be damned.
I hate the taste of lube, but I figured i'd deal with it to get what I wanted. I took him in and started up and down motions, going further down the mountain each time, building up for the final push. As i started down his shaft one last time, he started to move and pump, even though he was dead asleep. I got to where I had left off, with only two huge inches left, and mark exploded in orgasm so vbiolently, he forced my head the rest of the way down. My nose was firmly against his soft pubic hair and his penis was exploring new areas of my insides.
I had done it!

The rest of the morning was filled with loving goodbyes, and vows to do this again. SOON.

When I finally got home Sunday afternoon, my husband knew instantly that I had gotten what I was looking for. I was dead tired and still stiff legged and just wanted to SLEEP. He undressed me, put me to bed, and put me to sleep with a soft, warm, full-body massage that just hit the spot.

Life doesn't get much better.

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