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2/26/2006 6:28 pm

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Ancient Polynesian customs of free love and warm welcome to strangers persist today in the Aloha State.

Anyone who's ever been to Waikiki knows how easy it is to get sex here. Walk down Waikiki beach on a Friday night, and you're liable to stumble over a couple going at it.

Beautiful young ho's and hustlers from all over the world line the avenues in the Keys. In the surrounding districts, all-nude strip bars and 24/7 massage parlors are everywhere. Outcall services offer sex delivered to your door, any time, any place.

No need to pay for it, though: The hotels are full of horny tourists, male and female, gay and straight, young and old. The bars and discos fill up by ten pm, and empty out by 2am. A little alcohol goes a long way. And everybody has an empty bed just steps away, in a town where nobody knows them.

Local girls and guys change partners quickly and easily. They cruise the shopping centers and public parks, sometimes hooking up in broad daylight outside or in parked cars. The police sometimes join in.

Thousands of military men and women pass through here on their way across the Pacific, every year. On military paydays, Waikiki is jammed with horny servicemen and women, from all branches of the military.

Then there's the surf scene, often viewed as an excuse to hook up in remote spots. Impromptu nude beaches move like raves, day and night. Surfer girls and boys can be seen frolicking right from the highway, at times. Young hardbodies are always welcome to join in.

There is no jealousy here. There are too many opportunities. From old Hotel Street to the fabled North Shore, sex is everywhere. Why not enjoy it? That's why they call it Paradise!

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