Welcoming a new couple to the lifestyle  

JatosAbideLorry 57M
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4/6/2006 9:22 pm

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6/22/2006 5:06 pm

Welcoming a new couple to the lifestyle

I recently went with a playpal to a lifestyle group's dance and had the chance to welcome a couple to swinging.

The dance was a relatively small event with only about 30 people there. We ended up sitting and visiting with two couples, one of whom was relatively new to the lifestyle and the other was attending their first swinger's event of any way shape or form!

During the dance, we talked a lot about the lifestyle and tried to get a sense for what the "virgins" were looking for. Their intial response was "friendship" and that they were just checking out the scene to satisfy their curiousity.

It was great how supportive they were for each other. They seemed like really nice folks. Their makeup was similar to ours (mid 40s guy with early 30s lady).

We adjourned to our hotel suite and visited a bit more, when I offered "Mi", the lady of the slightly more experienced couple the massage I had promised her earlier. She was game, but not entirely comfortable getting naked in front of everybody else, so at first she went topless and I gave her a backrub....now, if you anyone cares to check out my profile, they may note a common theme in my testimonials - basically, I give a halfway decent massage. It wasn't long before she was naked and getting the full body massage.

Now at this point it is not uncommon for things to progress from the sensual to the sexual, but with Mi the only undressed person in the room and "Ma" saying she wanted a massage, it didn't take long for Mi to get Ma on the floor and I went to work. For her first time, she was pretty comfortable getting undressed, and from the way she undulated and gave out little moans during the early part of the massage, and the way her hand reached out to caress my leg as I moved around her, it was clear that she was aroused.

Without turning this into a Penthouse letter, I proceeded to help Ma get off with my fingers and tongue, while her husband held her hands and kissed her.

Ma then proceeded to invite everybody down to play with her, so it was time to head to the bedroom. There were a lot of firsts that night, and it was a really memorable evening.

I was really pleased that I was able to help make these folks' introduction to the lifestyle go so smoothly.

Anybody out there ever get to roll out the welcome wagon?

steamyandsexybi 44F
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4/28/2006 3:59 am

Hey there!! I, myself actually did host a meet/greet at my house last summer. It was more of a hot tub meet/greet. I held it at my house and it was a better turn out than I expected it to be! I have friends in the lifestle that I have met here on AdultFriendFinder and friends from a local club that I belong to. I tried to keep the attendees at a minimum of approximately 30 people in/out altogether considering it was my home. Everyone did respect my home and we really did have alot of fun and as well made new exciting friendships. Thats always great!! So, I know what thrill it is to host a party- meet/greet. It can be alot of work...preparation and making sure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed! A very good couple that I met on here attended the party and they have some details mentioned about it in their blog. Looks like they and everyone else really did enjoy it-myself included!
Chexk out girlneeded4fun's blog for more details on it.
By the way- I still want my massage! LOL! Lemme see how that temptation will arouse me...and you! Ya think you'd be able to fulfill?~ **Wink** ~ (Yummy!!)

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