First date II...after the wine...  

MajorEasy 46M
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9/1/2005 11:55 am
First date II...after the wine...

I remember back on our very first date in the back seat of me car
I wanted you to go all the way but you wouldn't go that far
I wanted you to hold me dick, you wanted to hold me hand
When I accidently brash your tits, I blew it and come in me pants
And it was over..before it began

I'll never forget the strain and the sweat as I fumbled with the gear
I handled the brakes and the windows went up so your mom and dad couldn't hear
Trying me best to unzip your dress and unhook your bra with one hand
And just when I thought I was doing alright, I come in me pants again
And it was over..before it began

Blouses and buttons and bras and buckles, and "stop it I'm getting cold"
First time I had a teat in my mouth since I was nine months old
I had lover's balls and you had no idea of the pitch of me passion and pain
Trying to stay cool with me knackers on fire I come in me pants again...oh shit..and AGAIN

You wouldn't give and I wouldn't go and we couldn't seem to agree
You got the giggles and I got the shits then you wouldn't talk to me
And when we made up and we started again your dad banged on the roof and he yelled
"what are you two kids up to in there" and I shit in me pants as well
And it was over..shit..before it began

You hear people say that they love to go back and do things that they did in the past
But if you reckon they were the real good old days, you can go stick 'em right up your arse
Cos when I look back how I came and I went with a tear in my eye I recall
How me, I had a cunt of a night but me undies had a ball
And it was over..before it began

(Kevin Bloody Wilson)

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rm_SexyCplJoy 40M/38F

10/17/2005 10:39 pm

Hahahah ROTFLMAO!!

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