Yes Sir, and Spanking  

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4/25/2005 5:55 pm

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Yes Sir, and Spanking

I have found out something incredibly sexy. All my sexual life, I have been a very dominant woman. I have never been afraid of asking, and some time telling men what I want. Occasionally, I have even slapped on some high heels, grabbed a paddle, and some hand cuffs, and had my way with my helpless partner. In the pass I have gotten such a high from watching a big strapping man, all helpless and blindfolded, tied to a bed. I love spanking their asses until they are just pink, and very hot. Then I like to run my cool tongue across their aching cheeks. I love to watch men writhe in pleasurable agony while I stroke their nipples with mine. I love hearing them beg for release as I leisurly suck their jutting, dripping cocks. I love having these sensory deprived men moan in pure ecstacy. After I let them out of the shackles or untie them, I love watching them cry our ferociously as I ride them to completion. I can come just by watching their 'o' faces.

Now to what I have just discovered. I recently met a man who makes me want to beg. Who I call Sir. Who I adore pleasing. Whose cock I suck on demand, in anyway he demands. Sir makes me forget what is going on in the rest of my life. Sir has some way of unlocking a submissive part of me. Sir's simple presence makes me wet. Just hearing his voice has me trembling with anticipation to please. There is no voice inside of my head laughing at his demands as it did to any other man who tried to pull this with me. Instead, all I hear is my heart beating almost too fast for my body. I have to will my hands to not stroke his fantastic body.

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