Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir Part Three  

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5/4/2005 12:04 pm

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Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir Part Three

"Remove my shorts. Now." "Oh, yes, Sir." I slipped my hands inside the waistband, and around to his ass. I gave it a squeeze, which garnered a growl. I ducked my head, and dragged his shorts down over his thighs, and around his ankles. I tossed them in to the steadily growing pile of discarded clothing. I stroked my fingers back up his calves, swirling here and there. I slid them up towards his inner thigh, and to the jutting prize that awaited me. He grabbed me neck, forcing me to look up at him. "Suck my cock. And look at me while you do it." I mumbled around my mouthful, "yes sir." I dove right in at the word 'suck'. His hand still lay on my neck, now slack, and stroking the curling hairs at my nape. I took him in to my warm wet mouth all at once, sucking air in through my nose. When my lips hit his balls I was shocked. I had done it. I had finally deep throated. As soon as the realization hit me, a gagged a little, and tears came in to my eyes. I with drew, and nibbled all along the glistening head of him. I licked, flicking my tongue over what I knew was his most sensitive spot. His cock bounced, nearly smacking me in the nose. He was panting, already wanting me. See, there is more power in being a sub than a dom could ever know. We really have the power, knowing that our acquiescence makes them want us even more. He thrust in to my mouth, and I laved him with my tongue. "I can smell you. You want me, don't you?" "Oh, Yes Sir. I want to more than I can say." With the hand that had lain on my neck, he pushed my mouth off of him. "Get up, and lay down on the bed." "Yes, Sir." My knees were already slightly sore from kneeling. I moved my ass on to the bed and sat, trying to regain my equilibrium. He frowned at me. "I said, LAY down, not sit." Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir. My knees......" I trailed off, noticing the hunger in his eyes. I scooted back in to the middle of the bad, and lay down. I nestled my head on the pillows at the head of the bed. he dropped one knee on to the bed, and then the next. his warm body draped itself along my right side, and began stroking my body. I moaned, my body had been longing for his touch for so long, and the torture had been exquisite. "You liked that, did you? hmmm.... Should I stop?" "No Sir!," I nearly shouted as I grabbed his hand and held it to my breast. My nipple was hard, and begging for his mouth. he thankfully obliged, and slid his warm lips of my aching nipple, drawing it deep in his mouth,and rolling it against the roof of his mouth. he took my hand, and guided it down my body. Over my stomach, and down in to the damp curls. He stroked me open, my pearled pussy weeping from his touch. he then guided my fingers down against my clit. He whispered, his breath hot in my ear and across my neck. "Touch your self. Come for me." "yes sir," my body shuddered at his command. The only problem was, could I do this? I had hardly ever masturbated, and here now, I supposed to do it on command. First time for everything, I suppose. He watched me, stroking my little nubbin, writhing as I got closer and closer, never quite reaching the peak. I moaned in frustration. "What is wrong, are you disobeying me? I told you to come. Do it." " I can't Sir. My Body......" I trailed off, half afraid of his response. I couldn't come, not like this. I like tongue, and cock, not my fumbling fingers. "What, don't you ever do this?" "No, Sir. Not Often. I am sorry Sir." "Would You like help? My mouth, perhaps? My fingers helping?" At 'fingers' he slid his fingers in one at a time, until four were in, and stretching me, making me beg. "P P Please, Sir." Just his fingers in me were getting me there. I was so close, but my own hand couldn't pick up what ever rhythm I needed. He moved hi body around, bringing his face down to my fragrant pussy. He breathed in, savoring the scent of my arousal. Then, he caught me off guard by diving right in. His tongue lapped my swollen clit. I had already been so close, that I had to will my body not to come then and there. He thrust his fingers deep in me, drawing even more moisture down. Oh, God. One of these days he is gonna kill me. I began to buck against his hand, and grinding against his mouth. My whole body was a tight bowstring, and I was going to snap. When I came, it was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. And he didn't stop. "Please," I begged. "Come again..." he whispered against my thigh. I had no control at this point. none. All out the window. I bucked and thrashed as I came once, twice, and then a third time. Then, at last, he let me fall limp against the bed. I was nearly sobbing, my body was still humming. I cracked open one eye and looked at his cock. Slick with precome, practically dripping. I sat up, shaking off any remaining lethargy. I Looked at him, pleading with my eyes. He nodded, all the permission I needed. I sucked him in as deep as possible, and massaged his balls. my hands couldn't stay still, flitting from balls, to ass, to stomach, with the occasional landing on his very sensitive nips. I twisted one gently, savoring the jerk of his body that sent his cock down my throat. I twisted one more time as I felt his balls draw up against his body, and his cock go even harder. I drew him in deep and let him out a little faster now, daring him to come. With a shout, he did. Splashing my throat and tongue with his come. I held it in my mouth, savoring the salty tang. When I knew the last drop was out, he looked at me. "Kiss me. Now." I dove up his sweating form, and melted in to his mouth, his juices and mine mixing as we kissed. WE stayed that way, exploring each others mouths, for a few minutes, while our bodies regained some of their control. Finally, I slid off of him, and rolled off to one side. "Sir? May I say something?" "Yes, go ahead." I grinned, looked straight in to his eyes, and said "Your turn."

I will get to the Yes Mistress part soon, I promise.

wine23 30F

5/4/2005 1:37 pm

U keep us at the edges of our seats. Keep going baby!

mtbskier 39M

5/4/2005 4:19 pm

I can not wait till we have our chance together. It will be mind blowing if it even comes close to how you write.

smileguyqc 53M

5/5/2005 12:46 pm

He He, great stuff, nudge nudge, wink wink, keep going

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